Mir Will Fight: Not In October Though

Frank Mir at UFC 57

Frank Mir at UFC 57

The good news is that Frank Mir will fight this year in the UFC. The bad news is the fact it won’t be in October. MMAWeekly has learned that Frank Mir won’t be ready to fight Andrei Arlovski on October 1st.

Mir was hoping the UFC event would be at the end of the month, not the beginning. Mir’s trainer Ricardo Pires told MMAWeekly “We were hoping to get Frank a few extra weeks to get prepared for this fight, but since it’s the beginning of October, not the end, it puts us behind schedule.”

Pires told MMAWeekly that Mir will be ready to go by December and will continue to train to get his body stronger. Pires said “We need to make sure he’s ready to go because Arlovski is Arlovski. He has to be 100% ready for that kind of challenge.” Now the question remains, what does the UFC do now?

The UFC is in a tough position because Arlovski was going to headline the October card. Now do put Arlovski in there with somebody else, when you know you have a huge fight in Mir vs Arlovski on the horizon?

It will be interesting to see what the UFC decides to do. Whether they want to put in a young up and comer like Paul Buentello in there or just take Arlovski off the card and save him for December. This is what we do know. It won’t be against Frank Mir for the undisputed UFC Heavyweight title on October 1st.