by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com

Frank Mir would be lying to the fans if he said he wasn’t
obsessed with a rematch with Brock Lesnar.


The former heavyweight champion was as devastated as UFC
president Dana White that Lesnar might never fight again.


"To know that there’s a possibility that (a rematch)
might never happen, that’s been taking me a couple of days to try and wrap my
mind around," he said at a Q & A for WEC fans last month.


That kind of infatuation can lead guys to take their eye off
the ball when it comes to the task at hand – in this case, a match-up
with Kongo at UFC 107 on Saturday.


A little of Lesnar might have rubbed off on Mir, once the
quiet, introspective fighter, in the build-up to the event. He trashed Kongo’s
skills in the press, prompting Kongo, at Thursday’s pre-fight press conference
for the event, to call him a piece of you-know-what.


Mir said his camp and his wife were worried about him taking
Kongo lightly, but he brushed aside those concerns.


“I am kind of obsessed with the Brock fight,” he said. “But
the advantage of being a somewhat intelligent person, I realize that if I’m not
successful on Saturday, any chances of me having a fight with Brock are pretty
much a forgone conclusion.


“So, first and foremost, I need to have a fight against
Cheik and be very dominant. Even a close decision really doesn’t move me that
high up on the ladder, when you have Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez already
out there, who are pretty much at the top of the food heap when Brock is able
to come back and be healthy.”


He got down to brass tacks about his approach to the French


“There’s no secret between how we want to fight each other,”
Mir continued. “I do feel confident about my stand-up but he’s good at
stand-up. Why take the chance there? I feel there’s less of a chance of him
choking me out than knocking me out, so I want to get the fight to the ground.”


Mir said a pissed-off Kongo was more likely to come forward.


“So hence, anything I say that fires him up, the better for
me,” he said with a smile.


here to watch Frank Mir’s UFC 107 pre-fight video interview.)