Mir KO’s Cro Cop At End Of Lackluster Bout

September 26, 2010

Frank Mir is considered one of the best heavyweight grappler’s in the sport of mixed martial arts, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic one of the best strikers.

You’d never have known it at UFC 119 on Saturday night in Indianapolis where Mir was the one to knock Cro Cop out.

Mir had intended to him to the mat and put his jiu-jitsu skills to work, but every time he tried to put the Croatian on the mat, he was stymied.

“My wrestling needs to improve, and his takedown defense is good,” Mir admitted after the fight.

Mir trying to take Cro Cop down, having no success, and neither fully engaging in the striking game, is how the fight went for about 14 minutes. Then the universe turned inside out.

Cro Cop came charging towards Mir, landing an overhand left to his jaw, but Mir pulled Cro Cop’s head down and drove his right knee up to meet his face. A moment later and the former Pride Openweight Grand Prix champion was laid out cold on his back in the Octagon.

“Hell, I just pulled a victory over Mirko with no jiu-jitsu,” said Mir after the bout. “It was kind of ugly, to be honest, but it’s better to pull off an ugly win than an ugly loss.”