by Mick Hammond
It’s inevitable to have heard the band Mindcandy if you’re into MMA. Who, you ask? Mindcandy, the band that over the past few years has been the soundtrack for Pride FC. Every time you’ve seen a TV spot or watched a PPV, this Detroit band’s hard rocking sounds have accompanied the frenzy of Pride’s action.

Currently the band are about to release their new album, Revelations, a collection of songs that showcase a heavier and more aggressive sound while still retraining the band’s signature style of melody and rhythm. Mindcandy vocalist Rudy DeSantis recently spoke to MMA Weekly to discuss the new album and how a band from the Midwest USA became involved with the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

“We became involved with Pride because of Jerry Millen (Pride’s American PPV Producer),” said DeSantis. “He was hosting countdown shows and asked if we’d contribute some music. We knew him from Detroit, but we didn’t know what Pride was (at the time). He told us about it we said ‘hell yeah’ we’d give him some music because who doesn’t like watching two guys beat the hell out of each other?”

Initially Rudy thought that the band’s involvement with the company would be minor, but as he quickly learned, the band’s music would become an intricate part of Pride’s promoting efforts.

“After we gave him a CD we noticed that our music was being used on previews and PPVs. After we started getting emails from all over, like from buddies of mine and my cousin in Dallas, we were like ‘wow, this has the potential to get a lot bigger.’ We thought he was just going to use it for a minor thing, so we were surprised to be getting contact from all over the world because of it,” exclaimed DeSantis.

While initially not familiar with Pride, DeSantis quickly became a fan of the company after seeing what MMA was all about. “The one thing I like about Pride fighting and MMA is that it’s not fake. I was kind of a closet pro wrestling fan growing up and I was devastated to find out it wasn’t real when I was younger. In Pride they go in there and beat the snot out of each other. It’s exciting, real, and not scripted. It’s like a car accident, you can’t look away.”

Rudy has realized just how big of an impact getting the band’s music associated with the biggest MMA company in the world when they were not only getting contacted from fans in other countries, but that the band’s merchandise was beginning to go global as well.

“Absolutely, it’s helped us out so much,” exclaimed Rudy. “It’s funny you bring it up because we just shipped off two shirts and cds to a kid in Denmark. Without Pride how would someone there have ever heard about us? I’m sure that people wouldn’t have stumbled across our website without Pride. Watching our traffic our hits are huge from places like Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Spain, all over the place. That’s a lot for a band from Detroit that’s not on a major label or doing major tours to get that kind of exposure.”

Not only has Pride’s influence in the band’s exposure been major, but as Rudy says, the music has started to reflect many of the themes of the company and some lyrics are now being inspired directly by MMA. “There’s a track called ‘Face the Anger’ that’s specifically about some of the things I’ve heard in interviews and fights, it’s about preparing to go out to the ring and go to war. It’s about what the fighters experience backstage before they walk out, the crowd calling their name, calling them out to fight.”

Rudy continued, “Songs we’ve done previous like ‘No Pain,’ ‘Bleed for Me,’ and ‘Going Down’ all apply to Pride. They’re about kicking ass and getting ready to throwdown. On the new album there are about five or six songs out of nine that are specifically written for Pride, you can hear it in the lyrics, it’s about going to war. It’s not overly blatant with references to Pride, but it’s about the battles these guys have, squaring off and doing what you’ve got to do.”

According to DeSantis, the band’s recent success has allowed them to do something that’s rare even for bands on major labels to do. “The album’s called Revelations and it’s coming out on October 14th and it’s going to be a double disc. It has nine new electric and nine new acoustic songs on it and that’s a first for a band from Detroit to do. People are saying we’re getting pretty ballsy to release a double disc, but this is our chance, we’re shopping this around because nobody wants to punch the clock for a living.”

Rudy closed out the interview by saying, “People can expect a more mature, heavy, complex and rhythm oriented album in Revelations. The best way to pick it up is by ordering it from the website because we like to be in control of getting our merchandise out and it gives us a chance to do stuff for fans. If people order like 60 bucks worth of stuff we throw in autographed stuff for free, we like to give a bit extra to the fans, they’re the ones that make it all happen.”

Fans interested in checking out Mindcandy and the upcoming album Revelations can do so by going to www.mindcandyrock.com for information, merchandise, samples and pre-release ordering info.