by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
On Saturday night, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Kennedy will fight for a second time, with this go around taking place in Dallas, Texas for HDNet Fights. And, both competitors feel this bout may look a lot different than their first match-up.

The first fight between Miller and Kennedy took place in 2003 during a tournament for the Extreme Challenge promotion in which Kennedy pulled off a unanimous decision win over Mayhem, but he feels this fight will feature two completely different fighters than those that met more 4 years ago.

“That fight was a long time ago,” said Kennedy about the first fight with Miller. “I’m a completely different fighter. Going to a decision is really a difficult thing with me now.”

Jason “Mayhem” Miller perceives the fight the same way, obviously hoping for a different outcome this time.

“Our first fight was awesome,” Miller stated. “We both got a lot better since that fight. It’s going to be explosive.”

Since their last fight, Kennedy actually left MMA for the better part of 3 years to serve in the Armed Forces and continues on active duty to this day.

Now he is back, with the possibility of being called to duty at any time, and Kennedy is ready to face a much different opponent this time with Jason Miller.

“I think he’s a much smarter fighter. Everyone gets a kick watching the showmanship that he puts on when he’s coming into the ring, some of the antics inside of the cage or ring,” Kennedy said of his opponent. “He makes really, really good decisions when he’s fighting, he knows when to rest, he knows when to lock into a position and ride it out. I think those are some vast improvements of him as a fighter.”

Kennedy went 2-0 while working for the International Fight League earlier this year finishing both of his opponents in impressive fashion.

Now, the part time training mate of former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, plans on impressing fans with his style which promises excitement.

“I feel them out for a little while, then I start looking for the knockout,” Kennedy stated.

The fight was originally slated to feature Mayhem taking on former UFC fighter Sean Salmon, but due to a knockout just weeks ago, Miller now gets a chance to avenge his previous loss to Kennedy.

“It kicked my training into overdrive for them to say I’m fighting Tim (Kennedy),” Miller said with respect to his opposition. “Tim’s a great guy and a great competitor so it’s awesome to be able to do that.”

The short notice doesn’t bother Miller though, he would fight just about anyone…or anything for that matter.

“I’d fight a group of monkeys with bats if they paid me an adequate amount of money,” said Miller.

It doesn’t seem like Miller will be fighting monkeys any time soon, but he will get a chance at HDNet Fights this weekend to avenge his loss to Tim Kennedy in the co-main event on the card also featuring Frank Trigg vs. Edwin Dewees.