Pat Miletich’s Silverbacks team won the first IFL Team Championship this weekend, defeating Maurice Smith’s Tiger Sharks team by the score of 3-2. Miletich’s team actually won the first three fights, clinching the title, before losing the final two match-ups to Smith’s team.

The first fight in the Silverbacks vs. Tiger Sharks competition was a battle of lightweights, as the Silverbacks’ Bart Palaszewski knocked out the Tiger Sharks’ Steve Bruno in the first round.

In the second fight, Silverbacks welterweight Rory Markham came out on the short end of the first round against Tiger Sharks’ Brad Blackburn, but persevered long enough to take over the fight and win via TKO in the second round of an exciting fight.

With their backs up against the wall, the Tiger Sharks entered the third bout knowing that they had to win the rest of the fights in order to win the Team Championship, as Tiger Sharks middleweight Dennis Hallman was matched up against Ryan McGivern of the Silverbacks. Showing great endurance in the fight, McGivern outlasted Hallman to win the fight via unanimous decision, clinching the title for the Silverbacks.

Like a basketball team down by 20 points with two minutes to go, the Tiger Sharks fought on and actually won the last two fights. Tiger Sharks light heavyweight Reese Andy won a split decision against the Silverbacks’ Mike Ciesnolevicz, and then Tiger Sharks heavyweight Devin Cole defeated the Silverbacks’ Travis Wiuff by unanimous decision.

The final score was Silverbacks 3, Tiger Sharks 2. The coaches and fighters of the Silverbacks will get cash bonuses as a result of their Team Championship win. In addition to a base salary, individual fighters in the IFL also receive bonus money every time they fight, every time they win, every time they win by KO/TKO or submission, every time they win the fight of the night, and every time their team comes out ahead in a team vs. team match-up.

The second season of the IFL will feature teams coached by Pat Miletich, Maurice Smith, Bas Rutten, Renzo Gracie, Matt Lindland, Mark Coleman, Carlos Newton, and Antonio Inoki.

In addition to the Silverbacks vs. Tiger Sharks team match-up, there were also five single fights on the card that were not televised. In a grudge match between Daniel Gracie and Wes Sims, Gracie locked in a rear naked choke on Sims and had it applied tightly, but Sims refused to tap out and was eventually choked unconscious, making Gracie the winner. Other single fights included a victory by Jay Hieron over Jake Ellenberger, and a loss by Ultimate Fighter 1 contestant Alex Schoenauer to Jamal Patterson.

Full Results:

Pat Miletich’s Silverbacks vs. Maurice Smith’s Tiger Sharks

-Bart Palaszewski (Silverbacks) def. Steve Bruno (Tiger Sharks) via KO at 1:48 of Round 1

-Rory Markham (Silverbacks) def. Brad Blackburn (Tiger Sharks) via TKO at 0:23 of Round 2

-Ryan McGivern (Silverbacks) def. Dennis Hallman (Tiger Sharks) via unanimous decision

-Reese Andy (Tiger Sharks) def. Mike Ciesnolevicz (Silverbacks) via split decision

-Devin Cole (Tiger Sharks) def. Travis Wiuff (Silverbacks) via unanimous decision

Final Score: Silverbacks 3, Tiger Sharks 2

Single Fights:

-Daniel Gracie def. Wes Sims via technical submission (Sims passed out due to rear naked choke) at 2:42 of Round 1

-Jamal Patterson def. Alex Schoenauer via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:30 of Round 1

-Jay Hieron def. Jake Ellenberger via unanimous decision

-Chris Horodecki def. Eric Owings via KO at 3:59 of Round 1

-Ben Uker def. Travis Doerge via submission (Kimura) at 2:10 of Round 1