Miles Marshall Hoping to Live Up to “Scariest Fighter Ever” Moniker at RFA 13 on Friday

Miles MarshallWhile some fighters turn pro right away, others choose to go the amateur route, but few took such an extensive road through the amateur ranks as did middleweight prospect Miles Marshall.

Over the course of 24 amateur fights, Marshall won all but two of them and in the process helped set himself up for quicker success when he decided to turn pro two years ago.

“We made the decision to do a lot of amateur fights just to test the waters in all areas of the sport and get me as much experience as I could, so when the time comes and they give me the best (pro) competition they can, I’d be ready,” Marshall told

“I have the confidence and know I can handle anything guys throw at me.”

Having started off his pro career 3-1, Marshall has looked so impressive and dominant that he’s been called “the scariest fighter ever” by MMA columnist Victory Jay.

“I don’t feel like it’s a curse at all,” said Marshall of the moniker. “If anything I think it’s a benefit.

“It changes the way people fight when they the fight someone who is ‘scary.’ Some people it makes them timid, some people it makes them more aggressive, and to get in people’s heads in any way is huge in this sport.”

Marshall will look to impose his physical and mental will in his hometown of Lincoln, Neb., when he takes on Andrew Sanchez (4-0) in a feature 185-pound bout at RFA 13 on Friday, March 7.

“The energy in the room is going to be nuts, but at the same token I can’t let myself get out of control as much as I’d want to,” said Marshall. “With the higher competition I’ve got to be a little more technical and choosy, but there’s definitely going to be some fists flying. I’m going to make him throw down with me whether he wants to or not.

“He’s a wrestler, so we’re going to put the pressure on him and definitely going to make him fight my fight and not get into a wrestling match. I’d like for the fans to see a nice stand-up fight because they didn’t pay to see a jiu-jitsu competition. If it does go to the ground, I’m definitely going to stay aggressive.”

As he moves up the ranks and bigger opportunities come his way, Marshall wants to make the most of the times he’s able to give back to the fans that have been behind him over the years.

“I want to put on a good show for the fans in this one,” he said. “They’ve supported me so much throughout my career and this might be one of the last opportunities I have to fight in front of the hometown crowd, so I’m going to put on the best show possible.”

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