MMAWeekly.com (Photo by DSE/Pride)
In Tokyo, Japan this week, Pride representative Keiichi Sasahara was asked about the possibility of Mike Tyson fighting Wanderlei Silva, Pride’s Middleweight (Light Heavyweight) Champion. Sasahara responded by saying that there’s a possibility of seeing him versus any Pride fighter.

Sasahara said, “As always, we just want to make the fights the fans want to see. Of course, we’ll have to talk it over with Tyson’s people.”

Pride has signed a contract with Tyson to fight, but will this fight be an MMA fight? Probably not. According to Kami Pro Hand, Pride would more than likely hold a boxing match with Pride rules (not MMA rules) to take place on one of their shows, and more than likely this show would take place in China.

The big question has now become who might fight Tyson. Kami Pro Hand also reported that Pride mentioned Mirko Cro Cop and Mark Hunt as possibilities, although nothing is confirmed. Cro Cop and Hunt would be logical choices due to their appeal among the fans and their proven stand-up ability with their K-1 experience.

Sasahara mentioned that Tyson is well-known all over the world, not just in Japan and America. Sasahara said, “No matter if it’s Brazil, Europe, Korea, or China, we want to branch out into all those places, and we think he’ll be able to help us do that. He’s part of our global strategy. It sounds bad to say, ‘We’re planning to take over the world,’ but of course, we want to make that into a reality.”