by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com

If there’s one ideal that’s become all too commonplace in
sports, it is “what have you done for me lately?”  What someone may have accomplished in the past can quickly
be forgotten if in the eyes of observers they haven’t performed up to those
previous standards in recent times.


For Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight Mike “Quick”
Swick that is must have been how it felt to him – despite his impressive
credentials for both the promotion and in his overall MMA career – when
people began to doubt him and his skills.


Having developed arm trouble, which contributed to a stretch
of four straight fights going to decision, some thought Swick had peaked and
was possibly not the explosive fighter he had shown to be early in his
career.  Thus his determination to
prove them wrong at last week’s UFC Fight for the Troops.


“I knew a lot of the people who became critics were saying
that I was a changed fighter and I might be a boring fight now or have changed
my style, so it was important for me to show everyone that I haven’t changed as
a fighter,” stated Swick.  “You
have ups and downs and this and that, but as a fighter I’m the same guy I as
always was, if not better.


“I just had a bad year and nothing’s changed as far as
permanently.  It went great and I
went out there and did exactly what I planned to do.  It couldn’t have played out any better than it played out in
my head in the months leading up to it.”


Indeed Swick reminded those who may have forgotten why he’s
8-1 in UFC competition and 13-2 overall with his 33-second demolition of
Jonathan Goulet at Fight for the Troops.


“The fight went according to plan,” he commented.  “We planned to come out aggressive, and
it’s great to have my right arm and throw it and not worry about it.  I wanted to make sure I threw it as
much as I could and take advantage of the opportunity.”


The win established Swick as a true threat in the
welterweight division.


“I feel very confident right now at 170 pounds,” he
said.  “I’ve made all the
adjustments to be the best I can be at this weight class.  I think it’s a great weight class for
me, and I’m expecting to do big things at it.”


With Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn due to face off for
the welterweight title at UFC 94 in January, and then possibly both changing
weight classes to take on other contenders, it could be a while before Swick sees
a 170-pound title shot, which is okay by him.


“I’m in no rush,” he stated.  “I’m living my dream right now.  I’ve always wanted to be in the UFC and be fighting, so I’m
just enjoying it.


“I’ll fight whoever they want me to fight.  If I deserve to get a title shot, it
will come – I’m not really focused on that right now.”


He plans on making the most of the upcoming holiday break
before taking the next step towards claiming a title shot that could be well


“I’m going to head over to Thailand, with half the trip
being a honeymoon with my newlywed wife, and the other half is going to be
training,” Swick announced.  “I’m
going to work on my Muay Thai, then come back and get in fight camp to get
ready for my next fight.”


Known for his interesting experiences abroad, Swick urges
fans to keep track of his adventures via his official website blog and YouTube page and see what sort
of craziness he gets into this time.


“I did the snake pit last time, which is on my YouTube page,
and I plan on maybe testing the waters at a croc farm this time and see if I
can get my hands a crocodile,” he said. 
“That seems really interesting.”


Silencing those who thought his best days might have been
behind him, Swick now looks forward to a future that’s brighter than ever, both
personally and professionally.


“I want to say thanks to all the fans and military around
the world,” he concluded.  “It was
incredible fighting on a military base. 

It was electric when I walked out and they were great to us the entire
week we were there.


“I want to thank all my sponsors for the fight; Full Tilt
Poker, Oak Grove, Sprawl, Pain Inc., TSM Studios, Score Clinic and all the
other sponsors on my website.  2009
is going to be a great year for me. 
I feel great at this weight class, I’m the best shape I’ve ever been in
and I plan on doing great things next year.”