Mike Perry reacts to Dana White NYE slap video: ‘It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been better’

One of the biggest stories in MMA right now is the video of UFC president Dana White slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve. It seems everyone has an opinion (some defending White and some condemning him).

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry is the latest fighter to give his reaction to the damning video.

“I saw a video of Dana White’s explanation,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “He definitely had no excuses. He said, ‘Everyone who is talking about me, they’re probably right, I made a mistake.’ How long has that guy been in the public eye? For so many years, and for something like this to happen … maybe he grabbed her wrist, she struck him, he struck back, alcohol involved, New Year’s [Eve], tough times. Man, people go through that.”

Perry, who has his own streak of controversial moments acknowledged his own shortcomings as well.

“That happens to people. I’m definitely not innocent in my life,” he said.

Perry went on to explain what he thinks has to happen next.

“We have to move forward,” Perry said. “You do a million good things, then you do one bad thing and everyone is on your case about it. With someone as powerful as that, they get the chance to talk trash, or put them out there as this evil, bad person.

It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been better. What can you do? You go forward. Dana’s probably going to donate to some charity this week. I can’t sit here and talk bad about the guy. So that’s my comment.”