by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
Sometimes the most unexpected things become the best things of all.

Such was it when shortly after returning home from his most recent fight, Michael Patt got the unexpected call for the breakthrough of his career; a chance to participate in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I just fought Friday night (August 15), got back into town Saturday evening, and Sunday my manager gave me a call saying I could be going to the UFC,” said Mike of his unexpected opportunity.

“After that I stayed up in bed for a few hours kind of in shock, wondering if it was a dream or if it really did just happen.”

Patt’s UFC 88 on September 6 comes at the expense of James Lee, who suffered and injury in training, moving Mike into a bout against Tim Boetsch.

While this chance of a lifetime came in a manor he had not anticipated, Mike feels that it would have happened eventually.

“I’ve been on the cusp for a while now, and it was just a matter of right place, right time and being ready to go,” he stated. “I’m physically in shape and was ready to go at it with just a couple weeks notice.”

Boetsch himself made an impressive debut at UFC 81, taking out David Heath in stunning fashion. It’s the kind of debut that Patt hopes to duplicate, this time against Tim, in Atlanta.

“He’s an aggressive guy with heavy hands,” Mike said of Boetsch. “He’s a good wrestler, but not really slick on the ground.

“I’ve fought plenty of guys with heavy hands and knockout power. He’s strong, but he’s not a really technical striker; but I definitely feel I match up well with him.”

Patt further commented, “I have heavy hands myself. I have a good jab and plan to utilize that a lot. If I keep the pressure on him and keep my hands in his face, I think he’ll fold.”

Having built a solid career for himself so far in various promotions, building a 12-2 record, Mike now virtually starts over in the UFC, a spot that he doesn’t mind being in.

“It would be nice to pick opponents, but I’ll fight whoever they decide to get me,” he stated. “I’m a new guy in the UFC, so I don’t get that luxury

“Getting on a six, seven or eight fight winning streak and start going after titles, that’s the whole plan; but for right now, it’s just ‘shut up and fight.'”

Sometimes the biggest breaks in our lives come at the least expected moment, but when it does we have to be ready to take advantage of them. Such as Mike Patt, who now looks to take the next step in his MMA career, any way he can get it.

“I’d like to thank Rumble Sports Management, Denaro Sports, Keith MacCallum, Team George Gurgel, my strength and conditioning coach Eric Ramsey, and everybody at BCMA Training Center in Dayton, Ohio,” he closed out.

“To all the fans; don’t blink or you’ll miss it. I have a reputation for finishing things in the first round very quickly.”