Mike Jackson Bloodies CM Punk, Cruises to Victory (UFC 225 Results)

June 9, 2018

Though he wasn’t one and done, CM Punk’s career in the Octagon likely came to a close on Saturday night following his second fight, as Mike Jackson dismantled him, making it look easy, at UFC 225 in Chicago.

Punk was ridiculed for his disastrous UFC debut when he made the leap from WWE and professional wrestling to mixed martial arts. And it was no wonder, as he was submitted by Mickey Gall little more than two minutes into their fight nearly two years ago. Punk, however, wasn’t done trying to make a go of it in the unscripted Octagon.

Though he gave it everything he had, it just wasn’t enough. While he has the name and the popularity to be a draw, Punk just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to compete at the UFC level.

Punk came out strong, taking the fight to Jackson, popping a few punches and missing with a lot of leg kicks, but continuously putting Jackson on the fence, and doing some good work with knees to the body. Jackson, however, never looked to be in trouble, and began popping Punk with a stiff jab early on in the fight.

By the end of the opening round, though Punk had most of the ring control time in his favor, it was Jackson that was doing damage. Punk was breathing heavy and bleeding from his nose.

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Regardless, Punk came out firing to open round two, but try as he might to take Jackson down, he ended up eating jab after jab after jab, and the occasional overhand elbow. At the end of round two, Punk was bloodied, bruised, and gassed.

He wouldn’t quit, his heart being the one aspect of his game that held up throughout. Though he didn’t have the skill to overcome Jackson, he had the heart to keep pushing on, to keep looking for some way to try and pull out the fight.

It wasn’t to be, however, as Jackson put him on the canvas for the better part of the end of the fight, popping him with punches and elbows until the clock ran down.

When the judges scorecards were read, all three scored it 30-26 in Jackson’s favor.

Jackson, who never really looked like he was trying too hard to finish the fight, explained himself afterward, saying, “That’s my thing, I’m a laid back kind of dude.”

After dismantling Punk, Jackson indicated that he’d talk to UFC president Dana White to see what his fighting future holds.

“If not in the UFC Octagon, maybe in Zuffa Boxing.”