by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Former World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight titleholder Mike Brown won the title by defeating Urijah Faber and lost his belt at the hands of Jose Aldo. With Faber and Aldo lined to fight later this year, Brown gives his unique insight into the championship match-up.

“It’s a great fight,” Brown told MMAWeekly.com.

“I’d say Aldo’s the better striker. He keeps his defense very tight and he’s got a lot of weapons,” explained the former champion. “Not only the punches, but the knees make him dangerous because you try to take a shot or you try to slip punches you’re going to get hit with a knee. It’s a littler more dangerous too as a shorter fighter. He’s got those long limbs.

“In his last fight, Urijah was dropping his hands, putting them down by his waist. You can’t do that with a guy who kicks really well and has so many diverse strikes,” added the American Top Team trained fighter.

“Urijah’s got the better wrestling. He’s got that great scramble ability which makes him very dangerous,” said Brown. “Urijah’s got the wrestling background. He’s a scrambler, man. He finds ways to scramble and get on top in situations. He’s also gotten more powerful. He’s looking bigger and stronger than ever before.”

Brown didn’t make a prediction on who would win the fight, but knows he wants to be there to see it.

“I just want front row seats to it. That’s all I want,” commented Brown. “I don’t know about who is going to win. That’s a big fight, man. It’s a fight I definitely want to see.”