Mike Bronzoulis Ready to Spoil Josh Thomson’s Dynamite Welcome Party

September 19, 2015

Coming off of a three-fight losing streak a year ago, former Bellator: Fight Master cast member Mike Bronzoulis need to make a change before his career spiraled too far down to recover.

So it is that Bronzoulis made the move from welterweight to lightweight and has since won three fights in a row.

“When I made it around the top of 170 pounds, I wasn’t having much success for different reasons, so I made the decision to drop to 155 pounds,” Bronzoulis told MMAWeekly.com. “I’ve fought some tough guys in big fights, and I feel amazing at this weight class.

“I feel stronger, faster, and better all around. It’s done a lot for my confidence. Basically I’m back in the game at high level now and it feels pretty amazing.”

It didn’t take Bronzoulis long to realize he had made the right decision.

“I noticed the difference in the very first fight (at lightweight,),” said Bronzoulis. “I fought an extremely tough guy in Justin Reiswerg, and during the fight I didn’t feel any power (from him) or if he took me down, I was able to get up at will – it was effortless.

“I knew I was going to win and that this was my class, and once my hand was raised I saw it all happening – that I’m going to capture the Legacy FC title and move on to a bigger organization like Bellator and capture this one.”

For his first fight back in Bellator since 2013, Bronzoulis (18-8-1) takes on lightweight stalwart Josh Thomson (20-8, 1 NC) in a feature bout at Bellator Dynamite 1 on Saturday in San Jose, Calif.

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“It’s going to be my toughest match-up to date,” said Bronzoulis of facing Thomson. “To get this win, I’m going to have to take his heart from him, Kano-style from Mortal Kombat, and break his will.

“A lot of people might not think that’s possible, but I’m definitely the guy with a style that can do that. I have a very grinding, hardcore style, and it’s made to break everyone else’s style. I’m going to use it and try to take his will from him.”

Having won an MMA championship earlier this year at 155 pounds, Bronzoulis is looking to add to his collection in Bellator, starting his journey on Sept. 19.

“I believe I’m going to beat Josh,” said Bronzoulis. “I’ve already done it in my mind several times.

“From here, I see myself fighting the world champion in Bellator, whoever it may be at the time, and beating him. Not in a cocky way, but I have supreme confidence in myself and have so much faith that it’s immeasurable. I’m going to become champion and this is the first step.”

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