Miesha Tate On The Knee Injury That Knocked Her Out of Strikeforce Title Fight

February 24, 2011

Miesha Tate and Elaina Maxwell - Strikeforce

Miesha Tate blasting Elaina Maxwell

There may not be a more somber moment in a fighter’s life than when they have to make the call to their promotion to let them know they are hurt and can’t fight.

It’s compounded when that bout also happens to be a title fight.

That’s the call Miesha Tate had to make recently when she suffered a knee injury in training. After seeking out a doctor’s advice, she had to let Strikeforce know that she would be unable to compete in her upcoming title fight against Marloes Coenen.

Tate, speaking to MMAWeekly Radio on Wednesday night, just hours after Strikeforce announced her withdrawal, documented the injury and how it happened.

“It was wrestling day and I was going with a guy that was probably about 165 (pounds), which is about my cap. Usually I don’t go much bigger than that because I end up getting hurt, and anyways he went in to shoot a double-leg, I kind of stuffed that, and he went for an ankle pick. My ankle rolled and my knee went out from the rest of my body, kind of out to the side,” Tate explained. “I just kind of heard a pop and then I fell down in a lot of pain and hobbled off the mat.”

Immediately, Tate took the proper precaution and tried to give the knee time to heal and get better on its own, hoping for a less serious injury.

“I had a little bit of swelling. I was seeing if I could walk it off or what kind of an injury it was because sometimes you hear your knee pop and it’s just one of those things, sore for a couple days and you’re okay. Unfortunately, that was not the case,” Tate said.

She notified Strikeforce of the injury and tried her best to push through, but after visiting her physician, she received the news she was dreading.

“I went to see the doctor yesterday and he told me that I might have a slight tear in my LCL. He said at this point the best thing is to rehabilitate and not go forth with the fight, which was disappointing news,” said Tate. “I’ve been training really hard for it, so I’m super bummed to say the least.”

Now with the realization that she won’t be fighting for the title next weekend, Tate has moved on to preparing for her rehab and return to the cage as soon as the knee heals up.

“They said four to six weeks if I do everything by the books,” Tate said. “They said I should be able to go and get my physical therapy, and as long as I do that, I should be back up and running in that period of time.”

While there are no guarantees in the title picture, replacement Liz Carmouche will take Tate’s place against Coenen next weekend for Strikeforce. Tate believes that Coenen will come out on top, but anything can happen. Ultimately, she just wants to fight for the belt.

“I pretty much begged Strikeforce, I was like ‘please, can we just push this fight back to the next card and I promise I’ll be ready,’ but it’s not fair to Marloes to have her training for this fight and then not have one, so I can understand that, but I was super bummed,” Tate commented.

“I mean I earned a contention shot and I earned my shot at the title, so that was my understanding, that I wouldn’t be stripped of that. I’m assuming I would face the winner granted everything goes well. It would kind of be the common sense thing, but then again Strikeforce has a roundabout way of doing things sometimes.”

Tate hasn’t decided if she’s going to make the trip to Columbus, Ohio, next week for the fight, but she wants to get back in action as soon as her knee will allow her to, and then make the run at the Strikeforce women’s welterweight title.

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