Mickey Gall Sees UFC 217 As the First Defense of His ‘Dana White Lookin’ For a Fight’ Title

November 2, 2017

Mickey Gall never takes for granted how he was discovered when the opportunity came to join the UFC roster.

Just minutes after his professional mixed martial arts debut, Gall took a shot by calling out former professional wrestler CM Punk while knowing that UFC president Dana White was sitting just a few feet away while filming his reality series “Lookin’ For a Fight”.

Gall’s gamble paid off because he was picked up immediately and after a quick win over fellow newcomer Mike Jackson just to prove he was legit, the New Jersey native had his matchup with the former WWE superstar.

Funny enough after dispatching Punk with relative ease last September, Gall then turned his attention to another “Lookin’ For a Fight’ alum when he targeted Sage Northcutt as an opponent. He was actually the first fighter White signed from the series and Gall then took him out by submission last December.

Now at UFC 217, Gall’s march through the rest of the “Lookin’ For a Fight’ veterans leads him to a showdown with New York native Randy Brown, who has already cut his teeth on the UFC roster while putting together a 2-2 record. For the second time in a row, Gall was matched up with another of his fellow reality show competitors so he’s going to have some fun and run with it.

“I love the fight. I think it makes so much sense. When I fought Sage [Northcutt], I took the Dana White ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’ belt. I took that from him and now I’m giving Randy a shot at my belt,” Gall said when speaking to the Fight Society podcast.

“I think Randy’s a good kid, very likable kid, a kind dude, he’s a nice person. We’ve trained together a handful of times and I really don’t have a bad thing to say about him as a person. He did do an article saying ‘oh I’d beat Mickey Gall, I’d beat Sage Northcutt’ and I was like oh really motherf–ker? Cause I love the fight.”


Gall has become synonymous with call outs after his fights and while he actually asked to face former title contender Dan Hardy after tapping out Northcutt last year, he was by no means disappointed to hear Brown’s name instead.

Gall says that Brown was a fight that he had targeted anyways so this just gives him the opportunity to knock off another opponent from his growing hit list as he climbs up the UFC welterweight division.

While Gall has no problem speaking his mind an upcoming opponent including words he shared for both Punk and Northcutt, he actually doesn’t have anything bad to say about Brown other than he just so happens to be the next person in line that he has to beat.

“It’s a dog eat dog sport and it’s a dog eat dog world. I’m the big dog,” Gall said. “I’ve got to eat him up. I’ll eat him up whichever way I find and like everywhere I find. I don’t really have too much bad [to say about him]. I don’t think he’s a corny dude, I don’t think he’s a fake. I respect him.

“I like him as a person but when I get in there, I’m going to f–k him up. I’m going to put him out. I’m going to take him out in the fight.”

Gall, who is best known for his submission game, believes that he has a multitude of ways to put Brown away and it doesn’t necessarily mean taking him to the ground. Of course, Gall also knows that’s always an option and it’s a fact Brown has to know as well leading into their fight on Saturday night.

On the ground or on the feet, Gall is supremely confident he’s going to get the job done in spectacular fashion.

“I can beat him anywhere,” Gall said. “I can hit him with a big shot and put him to sleep. I can hit him with a big shot and put him on his butt and strangle him. I could take him down, throw him around, slam him on his head, strangle him, break his arm off, break this off. There’s plenty of ways. There’s way more ways for me than there is for him. I’m the dangerous guy in this fight. I’m way more dangerous.

“I’m the more dangerous guy in all of my fights cause I’ll get you somewhere. I’ll always get you.”

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