Michael ‘Venom’ Page eventually desires move to UFC

No. 4 ranked Bellator welterweight contender Michael ‘Venom’ Page is eyeing an eventual move to the UFC.

‘MVP’ was a guest on former UFC middleweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping’s “Believe You Me” podcast, and Bisping asked Page about whether or not he would be interested in eventually transitioning from Bellator to the UFC.

Page responded encouragingly.

“If I’m being honest, when I first started, the only reason I started was to go into the UFC. That was the biggest thing,” Page said to Bisping. “Anybody that was getting in [to MMA], the whole goal was to get to UFC and the majority of people now are still the same.

“Yes, I enjoy Bellator and yes I’m enjoying where I’m at and I’m enjoying my success and how I’ve done so far. But I definitely feel like I need to touch the UFC at some point and just test myself there as well. There’s some great matches to be made over there. So I definitely think in the future, I don’t know when though. I can’t say when. I’m obviously contracted to being at Bellator like I said. I’ve got some goals I really want to achieve there as well and I feel like I’m close to doing that. But until then, I definitely still see myself going there.”

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While Page is still under contract with Bellator, it is encouraging for any fight fan to know that ‘MVP’ intends on fighting in the UFC before he calls it a career.

Queue up the Michael Page vs. Michel Pereira fantasy matchup.

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(Courtesy of Bellator MMA)