Michael Page No Longer Chasing Paul Daley; There’s Only One Way He’ll Fight

October 24, 2017

Undefeated Michael “Venom” Page and veteran welterweight bomber Paul “Semtex” Daley have been on a collision course for years. They both fight out of the United Kingdom and are dynamic strikers that can end a fight in an instant.

A fight between the two was targeted to headline Bellator 179 in May, but Daley didn’t accept and opted to face former UFC title challenger Rory MacDonald instead. Daley was defeated by submission in the second round. Following the fight, Daley and Page had an altercation as Daley exited the cage.

The match-up was then targeted for Bellator 183 in September, but Daley ended up taking on Lorenz Larkin. Daley scored his 30th career knockout and called out Page in his post-fight interview.

The rivalry is real, but the fight isn’t likely ever going to happen.

“You can only ask for a fight so many times and it not happen.  For me, I’m just losing interest.  He’s losing fights and calling me out and then not wanting to take the fight.  Then he’s winning fights and calling me out and not wanting to take the fight.  Seriously, I just don’t care anymore,” Page said during an appearance on The MMA Hour.

“It just feels like it’s a bout to even get the fight to happen.  I can post pictures of contracts with me signing.  It would get signed with his name there and again there’s just excuses as to why he doesn’t want to fight.  For me, I know how big this fight could be, but I genuinely don’t care anymore.  I’m just not interested.  I’m kind tired of this whole back and forth thing.  If it happens, then it  happens.  But for me, I’m not chasing it anymore,” added the 30-year-old Englishman.

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Frustrated with the situation, Page would still take a fight with Daley under one condition.  “Venom” laid out his terms and it’s winner take all.  

“I’m being very specific with this this one now.  I’m saying the only way I’m going to fight him is if he puts his whole paycheck on paper.  I’ll do exactly the same.  Winner takes all,” said Page.  “If I were to lose that fight, I don’t want a penny for losing that fight.  If I win that fight I don’t want him to get paid.  I don’t want him to do anything… Put your whole paycheck up and I’ll happily fight you.  Outside of that, I’m genuinely not interested.”     

“I’m just not chasing this fight anymore.”      

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