Michael Chandler Lands Cryptocurrency Endorsement Ahead of Bellator 192

January 14, 2018

Former lightweight champion Michael Chandler will be representing a new brand when he steps back into the cage on Saturday night as he’s landed a cryptocurrency endorsement ahead of Bellator 192.

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in the financial industry for several years but never more than in recent months with a huge spike in value.

The buzz about cryptocurrency got Chandler interested in learning more about the platform and before long he teamed up with a new company looking to expand their brand and he turned out to be the perfect representative.

“I am extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with CoinLion.com and they are a online cryptocurrency exchange,” Chandler told MMAWeekly. “So it’s a trading platform. So just like we’ve traded stocks and bonds and this and that, now like yourself, myself and a ton of other people now that are interested in cryptocurrency, they are excited about the potential of it. A lot of people are calling cryptocurrency the fifth industrial revolution.

“I’ve been dabbling in it for a couple months. I’ve done a lot of research and I did a lot of research on CoinLion before we got this deal in place. It’s absolutely exciting. They’re an online trading platform and this could be the future.”

CoinLion is a new platform that’s just now launching online that serves as a trading post for cryptocurrency as well as an educational stop for novice investors looking to get involved as well.

That’s what piqued Chandler’s interest as he had just recently started reading more and more about cryptocurrency so partnering up with a company right now couldn’t have worked out any better.

“Some of us like to give our money to a broker and let them do all the trading but a lot of us want to have our hands it in, especially with something like crypto where there’s so much information out there and it’s such a new space that we want to have more control. CoinLion gives you that,” Chandler explained. “You have all the control yourself. It gives you all the real time information on crypto. They left no stone unturned when talking about cryptocurrency.”

Perhaps Chandler’s favorite part of the partnership he has with CoinLion is the parallels he found between the cryptocurrency industry and mixed martial arts.

“It’s cool to see companies like CoinLion investing in mixed martial arts. MMA is very similar to cryptocurrency, it’s in its infancy, there’s a huge amount of upside, there’s risk and reward and there’s a ton of buzz behind it. It’s really a cool parallel between mixed martial arts and the cryptocurrencty industry,” Chandler said.

“If you want to know about mixed martial arts, you have to go to the mixed martial arts websites and visit mixed martial arts gyms and talk to people who know about mixed martial arts. That’s what CoinLion is. If you’re a crypto amateur and you’re white belt in crypto, this is where you can go for everything. You can educate yourself here.”

Chandler joins fellow Bellator fighter Rory MacDonald as new investors in cryptocurrency after he recently landed a lucrative sponsorship of his own ahead of the upcoming event from Los Angeles.

Much like long term investment in cryptocurrency, Chandler hopes this is the start of a long term relationship with his new sponsor as he plans on sticking around the sport for years to come and he believes this company will be right there alongside him.

“It’s great to be considered for something like this. Crypto is not brand new but it’s now starting to gain that momentum. It’s really cool,” Chandler said. “They’re just such an impressive company and it’s almost like they put the all stars from crypto together under one roof and we get to benefit from it. They want to be and will be the premier place to buy, trade and sell crypto in the future.”