Michael Chandler doesn’t care if Conor McGregor is in USADA testing, but ‘rules is rules’

Conor McGregor is coaching The Ultimate fighter opposite Michael Chandler, the two are expected to fight later this year, but McGregor hasn’t entered the USADA testing.

A fighter must be in the testing pool for six months prior to a fight. Chandler wants the fight in September. At this point, Chandler is willing to ‘try and get around the red tape.’

“I just asked my management to start putting pressure and figure out. Right now we’re at March. If we want to fight in September, he’s gotta hop in the pool. That’s just the simple fact of the matter,” Chandler said at UFC 285 over the weekend.

“I could care less. I don’t care what he weighs, what his doing, how long he’s bee in the USADA pool. It does not matter to me,” continued Chandler. “It’s another man with two arms and two legs and I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

“I’m excited to go out there and compete against him, but ultimately rules is rules and we’ve got to try to figure out how to get around the red tape and get him in in the pool and get him tested.”