Michael Chandler Calls Out Patricio Pitbull to Accept His Challenge or Admit He Doesn’t Want the Fight

January 28, 2019

Michael Chandler is getting sick of waiting on Bellator featherweight champion Patricio ‘Pitbull’ Freire to accept his challenge.

Following a dominant win over Brent Primus to take back the lightweight title he never felt he lost in the first place, Chandler is ready to defend his belt and the fight that interests him most is a champion versus champion showdown against ‘Pitbull’.

The two fighters have a long shared history while exchanging plenty of nasty messages on social media and interviews not to mention Chandler has beaten ‘Pitbull’s brother Patricky on two separate occasions in the past.

In their last fight, Chandler finished Patricky ‘Pitbull’ in brutal fashion with a first round knockout.

The constant back and forth seemed to be leading to a fight between Chandler and ‘Pitbull’ but the reigning Bellator lightweight champion says he just can’t seem to get him to accept the challenge.

 “That’s pretty much the only fight to make, especially right now when he and I are the winningest fighters in Bellator history. He and I have been with the organization than pretty much anyone else on the roster. He and I have history with me fighting his brother and he has been talking about me, talking to me, making up lies about me and acting like he wants to fight me for the last two years now,” Chandler told MMAWeekly on Sunday. “Now I don’t have an opponent, he doesn’t have an opponent, we’re both healthy, we’re both looking to fight somewhere in that summer range.

“I want it, my management wants it, Scott Coker and Rich Chou want it and we’ve spoken to his manager so the only box that hasn’t been checked is him and his camp and why he hasn’t accepted the fight yet and let us go forward with negotiations to get a date on it.”

Chandler can’t be certain why he’s asked for the fight against ‘Pitbull’ and yet he can’t get a response from the featherweight champion on pulling the trigger so negotiations can get started.

At this point, Chandler says that he either wants ‘Pitbull’ to acknowledge the call out so they can begin working to make this fight a reality or just admit he’s not interested so he can move onto a different opponent.

“I don’t know. To be honest, he’s done it to a couple different people,” Chandler said when asked why he believes ‘Pitbull’ hasn’t responded. “After the Darrion Caldwell fight, he jumped in and started flipping Darrion Caldwell off. He was mouthing to [Aaron] Pico. He pretty much mouths off to anybody and everybody but he and I have had history for a lot longer.

“That fight just makes sense. No. 1 because I want to fight him, No. 2 because he supposedly wants to fight me and he hates me. But I think the fight hasn’t happened yet because I truly don’t think he wants the fight, however, he at least needs to admit he doesn’t want to fight me. That’s fine, we can go our separate ways but he wants to talk a big game without a scheduled opponent and I don’t have a scheduled opponent and we both want to fight around the same time so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t step in the cage and settle our differences.”

As much as Chandler doesn’t like ‘Pitbull’ as a person, he says there’s no doubt that the Brazilian slugger has proven himself inside the Bellator cage.

That’s part of the reason why Chandler wants to face him while also giving Freire the opportunity to become a two-division champion with a shot at the lightweight title.

While he still hasn’t heard a response from ‘Pitbull’, Chandler is hopeful that Bellator could book the fight sometime in May or early summer so the two fighters could settle their differences.

Obviously, Chandler can only do so much to make the fight happen so that’s why he’s sending a direct message to ‘Pitbull’ and now he’s waiting on a response.

“The direct message is I’m here and I’m ready and waiting,” Chandler said. “There is never a fight that has made more sense in the history of Bellator than Michael Chandler vs. Patricio ‘Pitbull’ for the 155-pound title. That’s clear cut. That’s it. That is signed, sealed and delivered.

“There’s no reason this fight shouldn’t happen. We’re both healthy and ready to go and I plan on doing the same thing to him that I did to his brother.”