Michael Bisping to Grapple Chael Sonnen, Ken Shamrock to Fight Dan Severn, Roy Jones Jr. to Box Some Guy on PPV

February 13, 2016

Just when you thought the UFC and the WWE were monopolizing the elite mixed martial artists and professional wrestlers of the world, now comes an organization called UR Fight.

In what surely gives the word “spectacle” new meaning, UR Fight plans to stage a supershow on March 20, featuring some of the biggest names in combat sports history, according to multiple published reports.

The show features the one-time “World’s Most Dangerous Man,” Ken Shamrock against former rival Dan Severn in an MMA match; UFC fighter Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen in a grappling match and former Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE champion Kurt Angle vs. former WWE champion Rey Mysterio Jr.

And perhaps the most glorious part of the show, the former pound-for-pound greatest boxer in the world, Roy Jones Jr., will fight CM Punk! Not really. He’ll fight some other guy with no professional fight experience — a random fan who will be selected based on a video they send in.

This should shut up most of the haters who were criticizing Jones for getting knocked out in his last fight. The show is supposed to take place at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.

The good news is that Bellator is not promoting the card. The bad news is that the card is happening at all.

That being said, Bisping vs. Sonnen should be entertaining. Angle and Mysterio are still among the most exciting professional wrestling performers in the world. Jones, even as old as he is, shouldn’t be fighting guys off the street. And Shamrock vs. Severn, well, let’s just say Severn should be the favorite.

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