Michael Bisping Still Isn’t Convinced About ‘Smug’ Chris Weidman

April 23, 2015


The Count has spoken, and this time it’s about the king of 185.

The UFC middleweight division was once ruled by the iron fist — and feet? — of Anderson Silva. That was until Chris Weidman came along a gave Andy an iron fist of his own with a knockout at UFC 162 in 2013. Game changer, most would say. But then there’s guys like Michael Bisping who, even after watching Weidman take out the best in the world, still don’t believe the hype.

Veteran videographer Rick J. Lee caught up with Bisping in Los Angeles, and everyone’s favorite British trash talker spoke that trash for which he’s always been known.

“I’m not convinced of Weidman yet, I’m sorry. I’m still not convinced. No offense, I know he’s getting a little smug up there. The longer he’s the champion, it’s starting to go to his head a little bit. I would take that belt off him in a heartbeat.”

Bisping is booked to fight C.B. Dollaway this weekend at UFC 186. A win on Saturday probably won’t translate to putting his money where his mouth is with a shot at the middleweight title, but it couldn’t hurt (we guess … eventually).

Check out the full video interview below.

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