Michael Bisping Says His Punches Had a Lot to Do with Mayhem’s Fading Cardio

December 4, 2011

Following Michael Bisping’s win over Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on Saturday night, everybody commented on how the fight might have gone differently if Miller’s cardio was up to par.

After a good start to the fight, the former Strikeforce fighter couldn’t get Bisping back to the ground and suffered the consequences as the fight wore on.

By the end of the second and into the third rounds, Miller was exhausted, barely keeping his hands up and taking an onslaught of punishment from the Brit.

But to the point of his cardio and conditioning, Bisping points out that it wasn’t an accident that Miller’s body was wearing down as the fight wore on, and it had nothing to do with him being ill prepared.

“This is it, everyone of my opponent’s gasses. Any time I stop someone it’s because they gas. Guarantee Jason didn’t gas, I guarantee Jason could have gone five rounds. This is a five round fight, I finished it in the third. This is a big opportunity for Jason, I guarantee he had the cardio to go five,” said Bisping after the fight.

“Guess what? You might have caught it, but when someone’s landing big body shots like I was, kneeing him in the stomach and punching you repeatedly in the face, your cardio gets affected.”

Bisping’s attacks had an obvious influence on Miller’s cardio, and eventually the punishment was enough to stop the fight.

The former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner knows as well as anybody that cardio is a real weapon in a fight, that’s why he’s always ready to go 25 minutes, and with enough damage done to his opponents, there’s no way they’re going to make it that far.

“You take the best runners in the world, you kick the (expletive) out of them, they won’t run quite as well,” Bisping joked.

Check out the rest of Michael Bisping from the TUF 14 Finale post fight press conference below:

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