Michael Bisping on PEDs in UFC: ‘It’s Everywhere. They’re All Doing It.’

Michael BispingMichael Bisping recently met exclusively with MMAWeekly.com to talk about the current state of not only his career, but the overall state of mixed martial arts, one of the primary topics being performance-enhancing drug use amongst UFC athletes.

While the promotion has implemented a rigid anti-doping policy administered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which has resulted in numerous suspensions, Bisping doesn’t see it as having a tremendous effect on reducing drug use among fighters.

Giving his thoughts on the state of performance-enhancing drugs in MMA, Bisping told MMAWeekly.com, “It’s everywhere. They’re all doing it.”

When the subject turned to the penalties for using PEDs, Bisping didn’t seem to think that they were severe enough. “Where are all these harsh penalties?”

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He’s all for even more stringent penalties than a one or two-year suspension, and certainly isn’t in favor of giving offenders multiple opportunities.

“Go and do another (expletive) sport because your not cut out for this.”

(Warning: Contains explicit language)

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