Michael Bisping on Paddy Pimblett: ‘He’s a long way off’

Michael Bisping, the first British UFC champion, weighed in on fellow countryman Paddy Pimblett‘s UFC 282 performance and ripped MMA judging.

Pimblett defeated Jared Gordon by a controversial decision. Although the judges unanimously scored the fight in Pimblett, Bisping didn’t have “The Baddy” winning a single round.

“MMA judging, it’s f**cking ridiculous, isn’t it? It’s not fair. It’s not fair on the fighters and certainly not fair on Jared,” Bisping said on his YouTube Channel. “That would have been a huge win for Jared and a big deal.”

“I think Paddy lost. He lost a lot last week. He mishandled some stuff. He needs to be pulled to one side and someone have a word in his ear,” continued Bisping. “Everyone loves you shtick and they think he’s funny and all of the rest of it, but at some point you have to show some humility.”

Bisping thinks Pimblett needs to have an impressive performance in his next outing and maybe pull back the reins a little bit on the things he says.

“In his next fight he needs to come out and he needs to dominate and he needs to get a big win and he needs to say the right things. Otherwise, it could be, you know, the downfall,” Bisping said.

Pimblett’s popularity could land him in a matchup with someone that he doesn’t appear to be ready to face. Bisping believes Pimblett is ‘a long way off’ from competing with the top of the lightweight division.

“He struggled with Jared Gordon. He struggled last time with Jordan Leavitt in the first round as well. Let’s be honest. He’s a long way off,” he said.

“Now you can’t say that he’ll never get there. You can’t say that he’ll never break the Top 10. He’s still young enough to where he can make lots of improvements, but he’s definitely, he’s a long way off right now. He’s a long way.

“There was no head movement. His chin was way up in the air. The takedown defense wasn’t the best,” continued Bisping. “He’s still game. He can still fight. He can still win some fights against some lower-level competition, but Top 10, Top 15 are going to give him real, real issues right now.”

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