Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz Reveal Details of Their Near Brawl with Each Other

September 5, 2018

(Courtesy of UFC)

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz joined former middleweight titleholder Michael Bisping on the latter’s Believe Me You podcast recently to talk about his future in the Octagon, but one of the more entertaining moments of the show was when they recounted an incident where Cruz and Bisping nearly got into a brawl with each other in a nightclub.

The two are both analysts on Fox Sports and frequently get into arguments about almost anything and everything, even off screen. That nearly boiled over into actual fisticuffs in a nightclub, but Cruz said that Bisping actually ended up clocking his own brother instead of him.

“Thank God I talked a little bit of sense to (Bisping) because at first when he was yelling to me, I was like, ‘Go ahead, Bisping. If you want to do this, we can do this right fucking now.’ I was like, ‘We can do this, but I promise you, you’re going to swing, you’re going to miss, we’re in a small place, you can’t see very well, I’m going to hit you 10 times before you even hit me once,’” Cruz recounted.

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Luckily for him, it was apparently Bisping’s brother that kept talking and suffered the consequences.