Michael Bisping Announces Fight with Dan Henderson in Manchester

August 5, 2016

UFC president Dana White has talked about it. Middleweight contender Dan Henderson has talked about it. And now, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping said it’s a done deal.

“I’m announcing it,” Bisping said on his Sirius XM radio show on Thursday. “Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping for the 185-pound middleweight title, October 8 from Manchester, live on pay-per-view. Do not miss it.”

While White and Henderson each talked about the likelihood of the fight, UFC officials have yet to make an announcement confirming the bout or UFC 204 taking place in Manchester, England.

This would be the second time the two have squared off, the first being at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009. Henderson landed his patented H-Bomb on Bisping with a follow-up punch for good measure that put the lights out in the latter half of the second round. Bisping, now the champ, wants to exact a measure of revenge before Henderson rides off into the sunset, which he plans to do after the fight, win or lose.

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“I plan on putting a beating on Henderson that people will never forget in a long, long time,” said Bisping. “Dan Henderson knocked me out at UFC 100, and when I was unconscious, flew through the air and delivered a forearm smash that could have left me severely brain damaged. I owe that guy, big time.”

UFC120 BispingAkiyama 031 478x270Bisping knows that Henderson is no joke. Despite him being 46 years old come fight time, Henderson still possesses a devastating right hand. The thing that he won’t have that he did have in the first match-up is testosterone replacement therapy. Henderson was one of the fighters that utilized the then-approved therapeutic use exemption for TRT. The practice has since been restricted.

Bisping, however, isn’t sold that ending TUEs, nor the United States Anti-Doping Agency overseeing UFC drug testing, will stop Henderson from cheating, although he’s never tested positive for a banned substance.

“I think he’s gonna cheat because he’s gonna think, ‘Screw it. If I get suspended, so what, I’m retiring anyway.'”

Perhaps with the confidence of being a UFC champion coursing through his veins, Bisping doesn’t believe Henderson can beat him again.

“He’s still very, very dangerous. He’s a tough opponent, but make no mistake, I’m going to smash him to bits. The guy never even think about walking into an Octagon ever again,” said Bisping.

“Lightning does not strike twice. It struck once the first time; it will not strike twice.”

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