MFC’s Mark Pavelich Happy with 2011, Minus His Main Events

January 22, 2012

MFC logoMFC owner Mark Pavelich has never been one to mince words. Such is the case when he was asked to look back on the year his Maximum Fighting Championship promotion had in 2011.

“(I’d rate it an) eight out of 10,” he said. “The whole fight cards were awesome, but when it got to the main events it seems like they were clunkers. The rest of the card was phenomenal, and then the clunk. It was kind of mind-boggling. I think some guys are so scared of losing; they forget about winning.”

To remedy the problem for 2012, Pavelich has decided to place more emphasis on fighters who deliver under any circumstances.

“I listen to people, I read the emails, and I know what people are looking for; hence why for my next show I’m putting Dwayne Lewis and Wilson Gouveia in the main event,” he said. “People know what’s going to happen.

“That’s what they want to watch; the type of fight where the two guys are going to go at each other directly and fight. That’s what I’ve got to bring them; that’s my job.”

Main events aside, Pavelich told that the goal for this year remains the continued expansion of the MFC.

“It’s really looking like we are going to come to the U.S. this year,” he said. “We’re in the process of signing a deal with a very, very big concert promotion in the U.S. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. The reason why I’d been hesitant to come to the U.S. was the economy wasn’t so good.

“The places that are really doing well right now are the Washington, Seattle areas, Texas and places like that. That’s where I’ll be looking to do the show. Not so much the typical MMA havens, but more in the economically sound places in the U.S.”

When it comes to talent, Pavelich is focused on fighters who fit the mission of the MFC right now, rather than invest heavily on project athletes or name fighters looking to use his promotion as a steppingstone.

“(Cultivation) in theory sounds like a great idea, but the problem is there’s been very few guys who have lived up to the standard of the MFC,” he said. “I can bring them to this place and take them as high as they want to go, but if they don’t understand the commitment involved to get to this level, they’re going to flunk out like many fighters have in the past.

“Some of those guys who came from other shows haven’t delivered. They haven’t gotten the memo that if you come to the MFC you’re not going to get a cakewalk fight. I’m not here to rebuild anyone’s career. I’m here to make the MFC bigger. So that’s a news flash for everybody. If you’re coming here to rebuild your career and get a few quick wins, (this is the) wrong show.”

When the MFC returns on Jan. 27 from the Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Pavelich is looking forward to seeing a couple fighters return from injury to help start the year off with a bang.

Dhiego Lima, even though he’s only 6-0, is probably one of the best prospects in the world,” said Pavelich. “He will fight anybody. He doesn’t care, his management doesn’t care; they’re ready to fight anybody. Also (I’m looking forward to) the return of Dwayne Lewis, because whenever Dwayne fights, something bad happens.”

With six events lined up for this year (and a plan to move up to as many as eight in the near future), Pavelich feels the sky is the limit for the MFC in 2012.

“I tell everybody, it’s the same as always, I’m going to be standing here until the end,” he said. “Our family is going to keep bringing a very exciting brand of MMA. There’s always more than just one brand of MMA out there, and don’t forget it. Keep paying attention because we’re going to keep raising the level higher and higher and higher.”