MFC 33: Mukai Maromo Plans to Make a Big Splash

Mukai MaromoFollowing three straight wins to begin his career, MFC lightweight prospect Mukai “African Assassin” Maromo lost back-to-back fights, forcing him to make some changes.

“What I found was I was relying mainly too much on my striking, and barley any takedown defense or anything,” he said. “I was thinking I was just going to knock these guys out before they got (an opportunity to take me down).

“It obviously worked up those first three fights, but as the competition stepped up and got a lot better, I found that I had to improve my skills; mainly my wrestling, takedown defense and getting back to my feet. I found that I had to get a good mixture of the Thai boxing, the wrestling, and the BJJ.”

Maromo’s changes have resulted in two wins in a row, which he attributes to, “Applying my footwork, my takedown defense, and working on opening up my Muay Thai with knees and kicks and everything.

“Right now, I’d like to think that I’ve figured out what I need to do to be successful. It’s just a matter of training it and applying it every fight.”

On Friday night, Maromo will go for his third straight victory when he takes on veteran Adam Lynn at MFC 33 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

It’s a fight in which Maromo knows he has to give his opponent the utmost respect in order not to be added to Lynn’s current six-fight winning streak.

“He’s a very experienced fighter with a very good record and depth and experience in MMA,” said Maromo of Lynn. “He’s a great opponent to have because he’s not a walk-over, not a slouch, and he will test the limits of my training. It has all the makings of a good striking war.

“I think it’s got the making of an epic fight. Both of us have good power, good head movement, good punching skills, so it’s going to be an exciting one to watch.”

Maromo feels a win over Lynn could take his career to the next level, as he told, “I have goals for sure. Last year my goal was to go undefeated and I did that. This year I have the same goal, but I want more exposure.

“I want to be labeled as more than a low-kicker. I want to be an all-around fighter. I want to be that guy that everyone’s looking for and the one who makes a big splash in the pond, so to speak.”

From there a title shot could very well be in Maromo’s future.

“I try not to think about it right now, but definitely it is in my plans,” he said. “I don’t want to be one of these guys who just used to fight, I want to be the best at it. If this fight goes well, which I know it will, I’ll try to put in a bid for the MFC lightweight title and go from there.

“If you’re in this game to just be mediocre, you’re doing the wrong thing. I try to do the best at everything I do, so I’d like to get that MFC title before the year is out.”

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