MFC 28: Dwayne Lewis, “No Way I’m Going To Let It Go To A Decision”

February 25, 2011

Dwayne Lewis

Dwayne Lewis (Courtesy of MFC)

Last year proved to be a watershed year for Canadian heavyweight Dwayne Lewis.

“Except for that one loss I had against (Emanuel) Newton, (2010) was a good year,” he told “I’m progressively getting better – I’m also getting older, so sooner or later the climb is going to decline – but right now I’m having a fun time.”

While Lewis can joke about his skills and age heading in opposite directions, it was his wins last year that proved to be just as upside down.

“Those two kind of went in the direct opposite of what I was expecting,” he said. “I was expecting an all-out war with (Mike) Nickels, just because of the fight he had with David Heath, but he didn’t want to be in there at all.

“With Razak (Al-Hassan), I was expecting to finish him early, and he ended up being a pain in the butt more than anything. I supposed I was too laid back in that fight, my timing was off, but still I should be able to finish him early, but I just couldn’t do it.”

Still, Lewis’ performances were good enough to earn a title shot against Ryan Jimmo on Friday night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, at MFC 28: Supremacy airing on HDNet.

“Jimmo’s a tough guy,” stated Lewis. “He’s on a good (winning) streak. He’s big, he’s strong and he’s well conditioned. He’s very technical and elusive, where my style is more of a brawling, get in your face type of thing, so I think it’s going to be a great fight actually.”

When asked if he feels someone is going to end up getting knocked out in the fight, Lewis replied, “I would say so.

“There’s no way I’m going to let this go to a decision, win or lose. I’m either going to make Jimmo look really bad, or really good; that’s the way it’s going to go.”

He continued, “I’ve been working on different types of striking and using my kicks more. They’re really good kicks, even though I don’t use them much they have lots of power and lots of speed.

“I would like to use them a little more, (but) when it comes down to push and shove, I’m looking to get Jimmo frustrated and get him into a brawl. That’s more my world.”

Lewis’ focus is firmly affixed to Friday’s fight, as he’s never been one to make grand plans for himself.

“I’ve got a pretty busy personal life. So when it comes to fighting, I just take them as they come and go from one fight to the next,” he said. “I don’t look too far ahead.

“I want to win this fight and just continue on. The belt’s up for grabs, and that’s always an extra bonus, (but) every day just fighting is an accomplishment for me. If I can bring a piece of hardware home to share with my family and friends, that would be awesome.”

Having earned the kind of success that’s taken him to the next level, Lewis doesn’t intend on changing the way he does things, because to him, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

“I want to thank all my sponsors: Full Tilt Poker, Carmacks, Team Bibeau (Royal LePage), Vallette Roofing, Edmonton Rush, Western RV, HeadBlade, and Heritage Harley Davidson,” he concluded.

“To the fans, keep supporting and keep watching, and I’ll always be looking to put on a good show.”