Melvin Guillard Finds Missing Pieces with Blackzilians

December 5, 2011

Melvin Guillard at UFC 136

Melvin Guillard at UFC 136

Sometimes, you just have to make a change to improve your situation. That’s pretty much the case with Melvin Guillard.

From Guillard’s perspective, there are things – important things – he’s missing by keeping 100 percent of his training within the walls of Jackson’s MMA. But that’s not to say he’s ready to up and leave the camp altogether. Guillard has teamed up with the “Blackzilian” crew down in Florida, but he plans on splitting his time with them, as well as Team Jackson.

This leaves one wondering: are things okay at Team Jackson and was there tension that caused Guillard’s departure?

According to “The Assassin,” people need to stop making an issue out of an non-issue and realize there are no problems with the camp. The problem, rather, lays within Guillard.

“I’m still part of Team Jackson,” he told MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition. “People need to not make everything so much more than it is because then it causes problems.

“There is no problem in any camp. The problem is with myself. I feel that I get certain things (with the Blackzilians) that I don’t get at Jackson’s. Just like I feel I get certain things at Jackson’s that I don’t get here.”

Guillard’s approach to splitting time between camps is similar to other athletes in the sport. Jackson MMA teammate Clay Guida, for example, lives in “The Windy City” and spends time training there in addition to the Albuquerque, N.M. gym. It’s no different, according to Guillard, and why should anybody look at it that way? Brian Stann is another example of a fighter that splits his time between camps.

Guillard says if they can do it, so can he. Fussing about it is unnecessary.

“I’m still a part of both teams and I’m going to continue to be part of both teams,” he said. “It’s no different than my teammate Clay Guida living in Chicago, training with Izzy, then comes over to Greg’s to do his camp. It’s no different than Brain Stann living in Atlanta and training with those guys there (for) his jiujitsu, and then he comes over and trains at Jackson’s.”

Popularly, Albuquerque is a nice place to live. After all, Guillard made the decision to move there not too long ago. But living and training in the same place doesn’t sit too well with him and Guillard feels he lacks focus as a result. After training, he might be tempted to go out at night and get caught up in the Albuquerque nightlife, which doesn’t bode well for his fight preparation.

This isn’t the case down in Florida. Guillard can get his work in then go straight back to the fighter house provided by manager Glenn Robinson. At the house, everything is taken care of by the MMA fighter representative, which allows him to relax and focus on more important things. And the most important thing to Melvin Guillard is beating a tough and dangerous Jim Miller at UFC on FX 1 on Jan. 20.

“I don’t want to live where I train full-time because (there are) too many distractions,” he said. “And I know myself; I’ll get caught up in the night life and then I want to start going out. I don’t have any distractions here in Florida.

“I don’t have to worry about losing focus. And (with) a guy like Jim Miller, you do not want to lose focus.”

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