MMAWeekly LIVE in Las Vegas
This entire week, MMAWeekly TV has given you all the big names at UFC 54, with video interviews with Chuck Liddell, Jeremy Horn, and Randy Couture. So how do we top off the weekend? Giving you an interview with the most powerful man in the UFC.

Dana White has done amazing things the past five years as UFC President, but who does he have to answer to? Meet the most powerful man in all of MMA, Lorenzo Fertitta. Since purchasing the UFC and creating the Zuffa brand name, Fertitta has invested millions and millions into the UFC and is finally seeing the brand name of the “UFC” go mainstream.

The big man of the UFC talks with the big man of MMAWeekly Ryan Bennett in an exclusive one on one interview on MMAWeekly TV.

Does Fertitta think the UFC will ever re-sign Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn? Fertitta discusses the latest regarding that situation, including his personal relationship with BJ Penn on MMAWeekly TV. Mr. Fertitta also talks about where the UFC is in Year 5 of ownership and if they will sell the UFC, exclusively on MMAWeekly TV.