by Ivan Canello – MMAWeekly.com
Vanessa Porto recently challenged Roxanne Modafferi for her Fatal Femmes championship, but was defeated by T.K.O. Now that the contracts with her old manager and Fatal Femmes have come to an end, Porto is looking to the future. MMAWeekly’s Ivan Canello recently had the opportunity to talk with Porto and her coach, Pedro Iglesias.

MMAWeekly: Vanessa, tell us what happened in your last fight?

Vanessa: In my last fight, I had to face Roxanne Modafferi, who is an excellent fighter, very strong and with very good qualities. I had a huge problem that was that my coach Pedro Iglesias wasn’t there with me at the fight. In fact, I felt like I could win that fight. I was very calm, but in the second round Roxanne did a good job and I gave up from the fight. I missed my corner and I lost the concentration.

MMAWeekly: Pedro, why didn’t you go to Vanessa’s fight?

Pedro: A lot of people came to me and asked me this question. I don’t blame anybody, but I think that our last manager could have helped more with the visa and the invitation letters from the event and things like that. The coach is the mind and body of the athlete, and if the coach is not with the athlete, it is like 50% of the athlete that is not there. In retrospect, the managers need to pay a little more attention to the coaches in cases like that.

MMAWeekly: Vanessa, do you want to fight again for Fatal Femme’s and try to get the belt again?

Vanessa: Oh yes, I hope I can make more fights at Fatal Femmes and bring this belt to Brazil. I know I have all the skills to do that. In my future I want to be able to fight more, get the title, and build a good life. I will start all over again. I am only 23 years old and I will do that.

MMAWeekly: How is your training level?

Vanessa: Our training is very heavy. I am used to training six to eight hours a day. My coach, Pedro Iglesias, is a ground specialist and also a boxing specialist, so we work very hard on that. Besides that, I work on my cardio and muscles at the gym all day long. I think the level is very high, but we try to elevate and learn more things everyday.

MMAWeekly: What do you think about the opponents in your weight class?

Vanessa: At Fatal Femme’s they are all excellent fighters. I am used to fighting at 133 pounds, but I think maybe I’ll drop to 126 pounds. Let’s see what happens. I know that Gina Carano is an excellent fighter, and I think that together with Cris Cyborg they are the best female fighters in the world.

MMAWeekly: Talking about Cris Cyborg, you have faced her some years ago, and Cris was debuting in MMA. She had at the time almost 10 pounds more than you and you were able to stand against her all three rounds. How was that?

Vanessa: That was the toughest fight ever. Cris is something that you can’t imagine. She is strong as a man and very good at Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu. In fact, in that fight, I was a real warrior because I got punched and kicked in all positions. I think that fight was one of the best female fights of all times. For those who did not see that fight, look on the Internet that you’ll see what I am talking about. I lost that fight, but I am very proud of my performance. That fight made me stronger.

MMAWeekly: There are some rumors about you and Pedro joining a new camp in the future, is that possible?

Vanessa: We always did our training alone; we have never joined any flag or camp. Recently we went to Chute Boxe and Thai Boxe (partner with Chute Boxe) to make a visit and we were very happy with the treatment that we received over there. But for now we will keep the work we are doing. Let’s see what the future brings to us.