by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com
It’s been over a year since Charles McCarthy has had a fight, but he’s ready to return on April 19 at UFC 83 to take on the extremely popular Michael Bisping. McCarthy was last seen in November of 2006 defeating Gideon Ray by armbar. Since that time, he has been inactive due to an injury that has had him sidelined since.

“I’m excited to get back in there and compete against anybody,” exclaimed McCarthy about his return to the Octagon in a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio. “It’s been a long time.”

Since this will be McCarthy’s first fight in over a year, fans want to know where he’s been. “About two days after my last fight, I had ACL replacement surgery,” he explained. “It put me on the shelf for about a year. I’ve just been waiting my turn.”

The injury to his knee was an ongoing injury that he had while on season four of The Ultimate Fighter. “I tore my knee while I was on The Ultimate Fighter show, but not to the extent where I fully tore it. I fully tore it about four weeks out from my fight with Gideon (Ray), so I knew that I had knee surgery waiting for me.”

Season four of The Ultimate Fighter was labeled “The Comeback” for fighters who had previously competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but had not been very successful. McCarthy competed on that season, but lost his first and only fight to David Loiseau.

“It’s not something that I want to do again, but I’m glad I did it. It made me a better person and a better fighter. It’s definitely something I’m glad I did. It opened up some opportunities that I didn’t have before.”

He’ll definitely have a great opportunity when he takes on Michael Bisping who will be making his middleweight debut. “I told Joe Silva that I wanted the toughest fight I can get. It’s up to me to go out there and win the fight.”

Bisping has had much success in the UFC. His only loss was to Rashad Evans by split decision.

Bisping and McCarthy have been exchanging some words prior to their fight. McCarthy cleared the air about his feelings and thoughts on Bisping.

“I don’t think he’s fought anyone that has any experience in the UFC other than Rashad Evans, which he lost to,” McCarthy stated. “Who has he fought that’s been fighting in the UFC longer than him? The answer’s nobody, right? How do you gauge a guy like that?

“I hear a lot about how I’m supposed to be served up to Bisping. I’m going to show the world the same thing Jorge Rivera did against Kendall Grove. My season of The Ultimate Fighter was no joke.”

Not only does McCarthy think that Bisping is overrated, but he also doesn’t care much for him on a personal level. “I don’t need much motivation. I don’t like the guy too much. It’s rare that you get to fight someone you don’t like.”

Bisping joined MMAWeekly Radio a few days prior and intimated that he wants an exciting fight and hoped that McCarthy didn’t turn it into a “boring jiu-jitsu fight.” When McCarthy learned of those words from Bisping, he had a quick response for the British fighter.

“If he finds jiu-jitsu so boring, it’s going to be a quick one,” he replied. “I hope for the fans that the guy has trained a little jiu-jitsu, otherwise this is going to be over really fast. If jiu-jitsu is so boring, then this guy is in the wrong sport. This is the only sport based off of jiu-jitsu. If you find it so boring, then go back to kickboxing.”

Even though McCarthy hasn’t been in the cage to fight recently, he still feels he’ll have a solid edge in jiu-jitsu. He also has, what he believes, is a solid game plan to win the fight.

“I’m going to go in there, take him down and submit him real quick. I’m excited to go out there and do it. I’m not planning on laying down.”