by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
UFC lightweight contender Gray Maynard would love to get a title shot against Frankie Edgar. He holds a win over the current champion, but would settle for a bout with fellow contender Kenny Florian if B.J. Penn gets an immediate rematch with Edgar as expected.

“If Penn is going up against Edgar, if that happens, the only one that I would want to go up against is Florian,” Maynard told MMAWeekly.com. “I think that would be a great scrap, and that would be cool with me. Boston here I come. Let’s do it.”

Maynard doesn’t feel the door is closed on a title shot with Edgar, but understands if Penn is granted the rematch.

“I told them I’d love that fight. Of course anytime it’s a chance to go for the belt, you have to jump on it,” said Maynard. “The next best would be Florian. That would be a great fight.”

But he understands with the way the Edgar and Penn fight went down why UFC brass might go for the immediate rematch.

“Obviously it was close. It was real close. It could have gone either way, and Penn is a big draw, so from a business standpoint I can tell why. If it were anyone else I’d be pretty hurt of course, but that’s just kind of how it goes,” said the 30-year old athlete.

“It was a close fight and he’s a big draw. It’s smart I guess, but if it were whoever else I would probably cry like a little baby.”

Maynard’s had his eye on Florian for some time, knowing the two would eventually have to fight. He’s been thinking about the match-up and breaking down tape on the Bostonian for months.

“I’ve been doing that for a couple of months now. If it is in August, and I do go up against Florian then I’ll still have some time before the camp starts, but that’s been on my mind since at least around February,” said the Xtreme Couture trained fighter. “It’s a good fight.”

Maynard sees a bout with Florian as an opportunity to prove he’s the top UFC lightweight contender and deserves a title shot.

“It’s all proof. It’s all proof, and I’ll prove it.”