Jeff Cain
Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is easily one of the funniest fighters in Mixed Martial Arts, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be taken seriously. Fresh off his submission win over Falaniko ‘Niko’ Vitale at Icon Sport: ‘Opposites Attract’ last weekend, ‘Mayhem’ spoke with MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio about his win and the allegations of him “fake tapping.”

‘Niko’ Vitale accused Jason Miller of “fake tapping” to a Hawaiian newspaper following his loss to Miller by Rear Naked Choke in Icon Sport: ‘Opposites Attract’ on October 28th. Miller scoffed at Vitale’s accusations. He commented, “Give me a break. I don’t tap dude. Give me a break. I was like holy conspiracy theory. I was like cool, yeah, and two guys on the grassy knoll making me tap out too man. Give me a break. A guy showed me a tape, and I’m like I can’t grab a guy’s arm without calling it tapping out? I’m like whatever. That’s OK.”

Icon Sport promoter TJ Thompson, after reviewing the tape, told MMAWeekly that there was no fake tap by ‘Mayhem’ and no merit to the allegations despite the newspaper’s report.

‘Niko’ was alerting the referee that he thought Miller was tapping in the closing moments of round one, but that clearly wasn’t the case or the referee would have stopped the fight. Asked about Vitale telling the referee that he was tapping, Miller said, “I was thinking while this guy was wrenching on my neck, what? Tapping? I remember just thinking like is this how desperate this guy is to win? All I know is there was no question that he tapped.”

Miller further commented, “The thing is, when you’re going to take chances in a fight, when you take risks and try to win; you’re bound to make some mistakes. You know? Just like life. Sometimes you make some mistakes and end up in a bad spot, and I ended up in a bad spot at the end of the first round. No big deal. I toughed it out and then came out in the second round ready to go.”

At the conclusion of round one Miller knew he had lost the round. He said, “After the first round I came back to the corner, and I sat down, and I went aw God damn. Then Laimon said yeah you lost that round. I was like aw great. I was like, no big deal. Lets go out there and win, and that’s what I did man.”

Discussing the second round and the finish of the fight, Miller said, “I ran out there. I threw a couple of shots. I backed him up to the corner, dumped him on his butt, and then mounted him, started punching on him, got him to turn, got his back…I wrapped him up like a Christmas present.”

It looks as if Robbie Lawler is next for Miller. Following the Vitale fight Lawler had some words for ‘Mayhem.’ “He was mumbling something. I don’t know. I couldn’t really hear. He had this big beard and I told him to shave off his beard. I’m not sure what he said. I’m sure he said something with the country accent. Whatever. I think we’re going to get it on February. I can’t wait.” Jason told MMAWeekly.

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is always entertaining and a nice addition to any promoter’s event. Asked when he’d be back in the UFC, Miller said he simply doesn’t know. Coming off back to back wins and a fight lined up with Robbie Lawler in February, it may not be long before Miller is back in the UFC octagon.