Jason “Mayhem” Miller will be fighting in the ICON promotion against a man that is nearly three times his size. The 185-pound Miller will be going against a 375-pound former football player named Stephan Gamlin on May 26th in Hawaii.

T. Jay Thompson, the promoter of ICON, has referred to Gamlin as “a poor man’s Bob Sapp” on the Underground Forum. Stephan “The Giant” Gamlin is a former football player who was a defensive lineman in NFL Europe.

Gamlin stands 6’7″ and is a very good athlete. Thompson said on the Underground Forum regarding Gamlin, “Obviously not a lot of MMA experience, but I promise early in this fight he will be extremely dangerous. If the fight makes round 2 it may be another story.”

Gamlin lost to Bob Sapp at the “K-1: Survival” event in Japan back in 2003, and later lost to Sam Greco at the “K-1: Beast” show in March of 2004.

Mayhem has fought in the 185-pound weight class for his last few fights, and should be a little bigger than that when he meets up with Gamlin on Friday, May 26th at the Blaisdell Arena in Hawaii.