Mayhem Miller Hates Michael Bisping, but Says TUF 14 Best Season Ever

September 14, 2011

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Everyone knows that Jason “Mayhem” Miller is all about personality. He had no problem using that to his advantage during the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” to get under the skin of co-coach Michael Bisping.

Miller has never been above a few antics prior to or even during a fight, and that even helped him land a spot as host on MTV’s “Bully Beatdown.”

Now he gets to take all of that, crank it up a few more notches, and unleash it on Bisping.

“I definitely got under his skin, as you’ll see as the season plays out,” Miller stated on Wednesday.   “Aside from the excellent fights and the very talented group of guys who came into the show, me and Mike, just our personality clash definitely and put a damn good show on.”

Going into the show, Miller had seen and heard an awful lot about Bisping, and even ran into him a few times during different MMA events. The always colorful fighter says he entered “The Ultimate Fighter” with an open mind about the Brit, but that quickly changed once he got the chance to know Bisping.

“Initially, I gave Mike the benefit of the doubt, but he fully proved himself to be a prick by week two,” Miller stated.

“I’ll say this about Michael, he is a complex character, an individual you could write many tomes of knowledge on.  Actually as the season wore on, yes I hated his guts, and then I didn’t mind him so much, and now I’m back to hating his guts.”

On Wednesday, both Miller and Bisping participated in a media conference call where the two middleweights answered questions, but about half of the time the two fighters went back and forth at each other with some verbal sparring over the phone.

While neither wanted to spoil anything that happens on the show, Miller guarantees that once “The Ultimate Fighter” season 14 hits Spike TV next Wednesday, fans will be more than satisfied.

“This is going to be huge for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ franchise.  This is the best season that they’ve ever done,” Miller said.

And after Bisping took the time to call Miller an idiot and even threw in a barb about the former Strikeforce fighter’s recent run-in with law enforcement, it was Mayhem’s turn to respond.

“I think you’re way worse an idiot than I am, and I’m going smash your face and choke you,” Miller said.

If nothing else, TUF 14 certainly should be interesting when Miller and Bisping hit the screen.

Miller and Bisping are slated to fight in the main event of the TUF 14 Finale on Dec. 3 in Las Vegas.

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