by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is known by many people in the MMA community to be one of the biggest personalities in the sport today, and he was in true form in his most recent interview with MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio. Miller spoke with Damon Martin and Jeff Cain Wednesday night to discuss his Icon Sport title fight against the always-formidable Frank Trigg in true ‘Mayhem’ fashion.

The first matter of business that Miller delved into was the talk about the fluctuation in the weight classes he has been fighting at lately. In the past two years, Miller has fought at nearly every weight class above 170. That type of fluctuation is uncommon for most fighters, so what reason did ‘Mayhem’ give for the weight deviations?

“Dude, I was freaking emaciated and getting beaten up by St. Pierre who is the man at 170…I was fighting two people; I’m fighting George St. Pierre who is awesome, and I got myself – I looked like Mr. Burns at that weight.”

Jason does seem to be honing in on the 185-pound weight class as of late, though, between his hard-earned victory over Robbie Lawler for the middleweight title in Icon Sport in September and his upcoming middleweight title defense against Frank Trigg.

How does Jason feel about fighting in the 185-pound class?

“Dude, that’s how much I weigh…I’m walking around and I feel great at this weight. I definitely think that I could kick some ass on the highest levels at 185,” Miller said.

All of the time that Jason has spent in Hawaii in recent years has afforded him the opportunity to acquire quite a fan base with the locals. Even though he isn’t a native of ‘The Big Island,’ Miller said, “They [Hawaiian locals] love me because I love them…it’s simple.”

Three of Miller’s last four fights have been with the Icon Sport organization, which leaves many fans wondering if they are going to see Jason venturing out into other organizations any time soon. Jason is keeping an open mind about all good organizations, and even said about the UFC, “Dude, that would be cool. I’ve heard that the UFC is starting to pay people better now and that’s cool, that’s awesome. I knew that was going to come around for them.”

Jason continued, “I’d love to broaden my horizons and my connections. I don’t know if you know my background and history…I’ve been broke my whole life and I’m trying not to be broke anymore. So, I’m going to try to make a couple of dollars while I can still try to punch people in the face and choke people out…legally…so, we’ll see what happens.”

As everyone knows, winning a title means defending a title, and Jason is more than prepared to defend his title on Friday night against Trigg.

Jason said, “I worked just as hard as I did to get the title to defend it, so on Friday night we’re going to be able to see how hard I worked, and I’m going to do my damn thing, you know, and get a ‘W’ for the Hawaiian fans.”

Miller admits that both he and Frank are gamers and he said, “I really think that it’s going to come down to a war of attrition and how in-shape that Trigg is. I think that I’ll be in a lot better shape and I’ll be able to hustle the whole time…I think that I’ll be able to finish this fight. I don’t think it’s going the distance,” Miller said.

Tonight, two true competitors will clash in the center of the Icon Sport ring with one middleweight belt up for grabs. May the best man…or monkey, win.