Maycee Barber Predicts She’ll Dominate Audrey Perkins at LFA 39

Though there doesn’t appear to be much that strawweight Maycee Barber could have issue with when it came to her first-round win over Kaila Thompson at LFA 33 in February, she isn’t 100-percent pleased with how the fight went.

According to Barber, an opportunity to add more cage time to her resume is what she was hoping she’d get in the fight against Thompson. Still, she acknowledges you can’t be too disappointed with a first round finish.

“It was a really quick fight,” Barber told “I train to fight the best and I treat every single person I’m in the cage with as the best. My standards are set really high, but it happened to be it was a quick finish, and I’m happy either way with a win, but I was hoping it would go a little longer.”

As she approaches the anniversary of her first year as a pro, Barber feels like she’s grown leaps and bounds since debuting in June of last year.

“I’m a completely different fighter,” said Barber. “I feel like I’m becoming a full fighter. I have the technical ability. I have the mental ability. I have the physical ability. I feel like overall everything has continued to keep growing. I’m a completely different fighter than I was in 2017.”

This Friday in Vail, Colorado, Barber (3-0) will face Audrey Perkins (1-0), in her quest to remain undefeated, in a main card 115-pound bout at LFA 39.

“She took two years off after her first professional fight,” Barber said of Perkins. “I don’t know what she was doing (in those two years), but I was becoming the full fighter I am.

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“I feel like we’re just going to dominate out there. She’s tough. She’s strong. She’s a good fighter. But I think – I know – I have all the technical ability and the physical attributes and the mental side.”

Having previously stated she’d like to become the youngest champion in UFC history, Barber feels like she is right on course to make that goal a reality should she pick up a win on Friday night.

“As long as I break it before 23 years and eight months, I’ll be happy,” said Barber. “I don’t have a preference on if it’s 23 years, seven months and 21 days. I’m not having a set day. I know it’s an obtainable goal, and I’m on the track to going there.

“This fight is going to be a good fight, and then we have some other things coming up after this fight. Every fight, every year, is another stepping stone towards the bigger picture.”