Maxim Magazine
Maxim Magazine in their latest issue did an interview with TUF 3 Coaches Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz.

MAXIM:hey, dont kill each other yet-save that for your rematch at the end of ultimate Fighter 3.Ken, how do you plan to avoid taking another beating?

KEN:ive had alot of time to look at how he beat me and how to not let that happen again. ive been doing this too long to be surprised.i know hes worked on his standup striking too, but he cant go with me. he cannot go with me.

TITO: our last fight against each other, i gave him everything i possibly could.at the end of the third round, he felt it-and he knew it..

KEN: and thats my strength. he hit me with everything he could.he didnt hurt me.he didnt hurt me.he cut me.he bruised me.but i took everything he had.they stopped the fight because of the cut..

TITOim young.i fought in 1997 with only 6 months of training.im only 31, but im learning everyday.Kens, what, 42?

MAXIM: Ken do you think Tito is underestimating you a bit?

KEN: No. He knows theres still some fire left in me.i may have lost a step or two, but i can still take him out.and he knows it..

TITO:thats one thing about my fighting style.i never rest;im a cardio machine.and as hes dropped a couple of steps, ive gained a couple of steps.

KEN:that should make us even.

TITO:people should get their moneys worth from this fight.and there’ll be a doctor carrying him out.

MAXIM:thats your prediction?

TITO:it aint going 3 rounds.

KEN:no, its not going 3 rounds..