Max Holloway posts moving tribute to Frankie Edgar: ‘Legends can coexist’

July 30, 2019

The UFC 240 headliner between featherweight champion Max Holloway and former lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar was a good fight, but it isn’t likely to be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. 

Despite that fact, there is no doubt that Holloway and Edgar will both be remembered as great champions and two of the classiest fighters mixed martial arts has ever known.

In a day and age when it seems the majority of marquee fights are made via trash talk on social media or actual physical confrontations at media appearances (or in the bus pick-up area of arenas), Holloway and Edgar reminded us that it doesn’t have to be that way. Mixed martial arts is a sport, after all, and they are two of its greatest sportsmen.

That couldn’t have been more apparent than how the two treated each other after the fight. When the scorecards were read, it was to no one’s surprise that Holloway was the unanimous victor. Edgar, of course, was disappointed, but as always, gracious in defeat. Holloway was just as humble, if not more so, in victory.

The Hawaiian champion took it a step further on Monday when he posted one of the most eloquent, memorable tributes to a conquered opponent, when he stated:

“The GOAT talk always makes me cringe. Legends can coexist. Frankie was gonna win no matter what last night because I am part Frankie. I am who I am as a father and martial artist because of some of the things I’ve learned from Frankie and coach Mark Henry. Proud to be Hawaiian, proud to be honorary Canadian. But if you know this sport the way us fighters know it, every champ reps a little bit of Jersey whether they like it or not because of these two legends.”

No matter the outcome of their fight, Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar are both shoe-ins for the UFC Hall of Fame when their respective days come.

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