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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Fame Kickboxer Maurice Smith gives his first video interview about being a coach with the newly created IFL on MMAWeekly TV.

Smith gives his take not only about the new organization but being a trainer for other fighters other than the IFL guys, including Bob Sapp, Frank Shamrock, and Pete Spratt. Smith had very interesting things to say about why he joined the IFL and why he thinks their game plan will work in MMA.

Smith also talked about how Mark Kerr’s story sparked a new fight league, how a “team” competition and gave his take on the future. Smith also talked about the rivalry between the hall of fame coaches including how competitive he will be with Bas Rutten, Pat Miletich and Renzo Gracie.

Mo also discussed the issue if he will come back and fight again and also broke down the state of MMA with what’s right in the fight game and what’s wrong with the big organizations. Smith’s first video interview since becoming coach is available right now on MMAWeekly TV.

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