Maurice Greene: ‘Junior Albini is just another block in front of me’ at UFC on ESPN 3

When it comes to his win over Jeff Hughes at UFC on ESPN+ 4 this past March, heavyweight Maurice Greene, feels happy to just have gotten the win, performance aside.

Admittedly not in proper shape for the bout with Hughes, Green was able to get through three rounds and pick up a split-decision victory.

“For what it was I got the job done,” Greene told “At the end of the day I did what I was supposed to do and get a W. My coaches actually told me to not take the fight because he didn’t think I was in shape, but I said I was in shape to take the fight, and I wasn’t.

“Sometimes when somebody has a W over you (like Hughes had), and you get an opportunity to run it back in the best promotion (like the UFC), you’ve got to take it.”

Now that he’s had some time off to get himself properly prepared, Greene feels like his upcoming bout will more show him who he fighter he is in 2019 than his win over Hughes did.

“I think I’m going to figure out a lot of what I’m capable of,” said Greene. “That’s the biggest thing, figuring out what I’m capable of. I don’t know that 100-percent yet.

“Now training where I’m training for this camp, I did a lot of things different, and it’s going to pay dividends when they see what I’ve been working on with Mark Montoya and all the guys here at Factory X in Colorado.”

One Saturday in Minneapolis, Minn., Greene (7-2) will look to pick up his third win in a row when he faces Junior Albini (14-5) in a preliminary card heavyweight bout at UFC on ESPN 3.

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“Junior is just another name and the name doesn’t matter. I don’t care what the name is, it’s just another block in front of me,” Greene said. “I’ve just got go in there and fight my fight.

“He’s 1-3 in the UFC, and he’s going to throw everything including the kitchen sink at me because this is it for him. I don’t know if they’ll keep somebody who’s losing four straight. I’m going to have to watch out for some wild stuff, but ultimately I’ll get that win for sure.”

With the heavyweight division in the state it is in, Greene feels like he can make some good headway towards the top of the weight class with a strong second half of the year.

“The heavyweight division is wide open right now and they’re looking for somebody to hop on the coattails of, and hopefully I’m that guy,” said Greene. “I’ve just got to keep going out and keep performing.”