by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com

In what is quickly becoming known as a “loser leaves town”
bout, former Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight titleholder Matt Serra
is ready to go wherever the fight takes him to defeat Frank Trigg. He expects
no less from his opponent, leaving fans with high expectations.


“I think this is a good match-up.  On paper this can’t be boring,” Serra told
MMAWeekly.com.  “Frank Trigg, it’s
a very fun fight.  There’s no way
that’s not going to be an exciting fight.”


Serra (9-6) and Trigg (19-7) are both known as much for the
ability to trash talk as they are for their fighting abilities, and as soon as
the bout agreements were signed, the verbal sparring began.


 “The things we
both said I believe are 100-percent accurate.  He started by calling me a short Guido.  And my point is, okay, what’s your
point?  I’m not tall.  I’m Italian.  You got me.  And
sure enough, he certainly does have a tramp stamp.  We’re both right,” said the 35­-year-old fighter.  “If I were him I’d jump right to guard
so nobody sees that thing.”


The barbs don’t stop there. There’s a lot to risk with the
outcome, and it’s showed in some of the potshots the two have taken.


“He also mentioned this will be last you’ll see of Matt
Serra after this fight.  ‘He’ll
have to go back to his schools and teach and this and that.’  Listen, when it’s all said and done, he’s
absolutely right,” said Serra. “I will be back at my schools.  When I do plan on not fighting anymore,
I’ll be chillin’ at my two successful schools.


“He’ll be selling those Triggonomics shirts out of the back
of his trunk.  Where can I get on
of those?  I can’t find one of


Smack talk aside, Serra expects a tough fight. He respects
Trigg as a fighter and knows that UFC 109 is not going to be a stroll through
the park.


“This guy has been around a long time, like myself.  He’s just one of those guys that I
always thought would be an interesting fight.  I always thought that, even back in the day,” said the New
Yorker.  “When Joe Silva called me
for it – not that I always wanted to hit him in the face – I always saw myself
fighting this guy.”


Trigg heads into the fight coming off a loss to Josh
Koscheck in his return to the UFC after more than four years away. Serra has
been defeated in back-to-back fights by Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes, but
he feels there’s more pressure on Trigg.


“I think there’s a lot more pressure on him than
myself.  I’m good under
pressure.  I’ve fought a lot of
times with a lot at stake, or in the pressure cooker, and I handle what well,”
said Serra.


“Obviously Trigg’s a guy that his back is definitely against
the wall.  He got
taken out by Koscheck
, but that could happen to anybody.  I’m not a fool.  I’ve been in the game a while.  I’m not looking at that fight saying
this guys sucks,” he continued.  “He’s
also beaten down a lot of tough guys, so I think Trigg’s a very dangerous
guy.  I respect his abilities and I
respect what he’s done and I’m looking forward to taking him out.”


Despite his respect for Trigg, Serra likes his chances no
matter where the fight goes. 


“The guy is going to have to try to take me out.  He’s going to probably try to out
wrestle me and that’s going to be awesome because I’ve got some tricks for him,”
commented the former champion.


“I feel I can be dangerous anywhere and if he wants to take
me down and ground and pound, he’s going to have to make some mistakes for that
and I’m going to look to attack his limbs.


“I feel if he comes in standing, if it comes to that, I feel
I’ll be the one standing (in the end) for sure.”


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