by Matt Riddle – special to MMAWeekly.com

It is obvious that Ryan “Darth” Bader is jealous of my post
TUF life. Why else would he try to out do my knockout?


You may not know it, but Ryan, C.B. Dollaway, and Ray
Steinbeiss all live together at Bader’s house in Arizona.  When I first moved out to Arizona, C.B.
said I could crash on his couch that happened to be in Bader’s house. It was
probably Bader’s couch, but C.B. offered and I accepted.


Since I did not and do not have a driver’s license, Bader or
C.B. had to take me pretty much everywhere I wanted to go.  Back home I had mom and in Arizona I
had Bader and C.B.  During these
travels I am sure Bader got to see the insane amount of girls that I meet.  I am sure he stayed up late watching
the tapes and trying to figure out the answer to the Riddle.  Don’t be surprised if he starts
breaking things and dying his hair red.


Okay seriously, he must be going for TUF’s “Most Liked.” He
put a blanket over Junie after a night where Junie could have been put in a
body bag.  Bader may go down as one
of the nicest guys on the Season 8 cast. 
In real life he is that way too. 
As I said above, he opened his house to me even after he saw me on the
show.  Not many people would do
that for a complete stranger, let alone a guy that just spent seven weeks
destroying a million dollar home. 


Junie would be Bader’s polar opposite. He has an “I don’t
give a (expletive) attitude” and I think he means it.  I pretty much went wild on all of the free booze; I am not
going to lie about that.  For me it
was like a kid getting sent into a candy store with a hundred dollar bill and I
had no limits. I had had my fair share of drinks before, but there was almost
always an expense involved along with a transportation issue.  So imagine being 21 again and nowhere
to go, nothing to do, and tons of free booze.  I don’t recall ever trying to fall to my death or attack
other people, but maybe I did. 
Junie went through every possible emotion and this is only the first


I was not surprised to see Bader picked first. He is a legit
fighter who trains hard and is ultra competitive.  I have had sparring sessions with Bader that were tougher than my fight with Dante.  I was however surprised that Nog picked
him.  Usually a BJJ guy would go
for another top-level BJJ guy and there were a few in that room.  I have never seen this much of Nog, but
he is about as genuine as they come. 
He seems to say what he thinks. I find myself not wanting to miss a word
he says and agreeing with him.


What did surprise me is the amount of smack talk and just
outright confidence that Mir was putting out there.  His team was “better”; he did not see how he could loose any
of the possible match-ups, and so on. 
I had not seen that side of him before. I think both teams looked pretty
evenly stacked.  He was either
giving his nervous guys the boost they needed or those words may backfire.


Speaking of backfire, Bader fired off that haymaker while
Tom was flat on his back.  That was
a wicked KO.  Bader is so strong;
he is what we call back home farm boy strong.  We train pretty intensely at Arizona Combat Sports and there are
nights that I just cannot go on any more. 
Sometimes it feels like the old UFC tournament days and Bader can pretty
much pick you up and slam you anytime he wants.  He reminds me of a big Matt Hughes. He will pick guys up and
sprint across the cage and slam them. 
If you look on YouTube, his highlight tape shows him knocking a guy out
with a slam.  He is a BEAST!  He has pretty good hands for a guy that
has been fighting for less then two years and is not a street fighter or
boxer.  His kicks are quick and
powerful, and as I said, he hasn’t even been doing MMA that long.  I can see him going far in the UFC; he
may even be a champion some day.


The house looks awesome this year, I would be hard pressed
to leave that place.  Too bad the
weather was too cold to use that pool. 
It looks like Bader maybe goes in the pool next week.  He told me that the next episode should
be one of the craziest episodes in TUF history. He is not sure how much will
make it on the air, but it is crazy no matter how they cut it and the end of
the episode is a “can’t miss” according to Bader.


I asked him if it was good or bad and he said he can’t say,
but he had that look like it is not going to be good. I thought that a lot of
times too, but they simply do not always show the crazy stuff.  I hope our season’s DVD has unseen
footage because you will be blown away with what they did not show.  I know I will be tuning in next week to
see what goes down.



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