by Matt Riddle for MMAWeekly.com

This episode brings me to the
brink of turning off the TV.  Junie
is a complete idiot and using any slurs associated with disabled Americans to
describe him is a serious injustice to Disabled Americans everywhere.  If he was “a
retard” as Dana said, that would be Junie achieving a level of greatness in his
life that I am pretty sure has eluded him to this point.


The kid goes from cutting
Kyle to trying to fight everyone? 

I guarantee you he will not make it in the finals.  If they kicked Jesse Taylor out for his
actions when the cameras stopped, imagine what this bozo will do when they stop


If this was any other reality
show in America the kid would be gone, but raspy Dana wont
have it. As a matter of fact, he gives Junie an out and puts Shane in the line
of fire.  Does Dana play “favorites?”
No, but Dana has a pretty good eye for what people want to see.  I think he thinks America wants to see
Junie win or lose.  That is likely
what makes Dana so great at what he does.


My friend and teammate Ryan
Bader showed once again that he has big and durable balls by taking multiple
strikes to the groin and not kneeling over and dying.  Ryan also showed what our coaches preach all the time, class
and respect, a lesser man (maybe me) would have broken Junie down like a double
pump shotgun and wiped up the glass on the patio with the remains of him.  Ryan and C.B. are likely two of the
nicest easygoing guys I know in the fight game.  They are big gentle giants.


The fight, well, it was kind
of boring.  My management team
represents Efrain so they will likely be pissed when they read this.  I am not going to lie, it was a boring
ass first round.  If they did not
touch gloves they would not have touched in the first 50 seconds.


Now (a little LG redemption)
the rest of the fight was pretty solid and the fact that Efrain was called out,
pushed beyond most people’s breaking point and then beat Shane’s ass was
nothing less then priceless.  Shane
should be embarrassed about the fact that his liquid courage outweighs actual
strength.  I know he is coached by B.J., but I think he needs to also read B.J.’s
book.  Bader swears to me that
Shane is actually a very cool guy and that he is not a bully and a lot of what
we saw had to do with what he was drinking.  We shall see.


Efrain has the same nickname
as Roger Huerta.  I asked him about
it and he said, “Roger was born in the Mid-West and that he was born in
Mexico.  There is only one El
Matador and he comes from Mexico not the Mid-West, ask any Mexican and they
will tell you.”  I am not about to
go around asking random people about Matadors. I will just have to take his
word for it.  He did say if he
makes it to the UFC he would be willing to “fight” Roger for the nickname.  If he keeps performing like we saw on
Wednesday night, we may just see that happen.  That is if Roger is not still pissed off about not getting
all of his lunch money from the UFC.


On that note Dana, fly me
around to meet people and push me as your “next big thing.” My manager said he
would pay for my meals (an instant savings to you) and I will even give myself
a Hispanic sounding nickname and wear tighter shorts, call me!


So far this season has been
great, solid fights, tons of craziness and it looks the best fighter in the world
is coming on the show next week.  I
look forward to seeing my boy Ryan “Darth” Bader trying to use the Force on
Anderson.  Come hang out with me and some of the other LG fighters at www.lgfighter.com



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