Matt Mitrione Knocks Out Fedor Emelianenko After Double Knockdown (Bellator NYC Results)

June 25, 2017

Matt Mitrione continued his assault on the Bellator MMA heavyweight division by knocking out the legend Fedor Emelianenko in the Bellator 180 co-main event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.Fedor vs Matt Mitrione faceoff

The two were originally scheduled to meet at Bellator 172 in February, but Mitrione was forced out of the bout hours before the event due to kidney stones. On Saturday, they finally met in the cage and 74 seconds later it was all over.

Emelianenko took the center of the cage while Mitrione circled on the outside. After a brief feeling out process, both fighters planted and unloaded right hands at the same time. Simultaneously, both fighters crashed to the canvas in a double knockdown. Mitrione recovered first and got to his knees and delivered right hands as Emelianenko sat up. Emelianenko fell to his back and Mitrione landed a right hand the rendered the Russian unconscious.

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“I knew it was going to happen, we were going to explode at the same time and may the best man win,” said Mitrione following the biggest win over his career.  “Everybody loves Fedor.  Please give up to Fedor.”

Mitrione didn’t remember being knocked down, or the exchange the led to the rare double knockdown. 

“I didn’t know that we both dropped.  I looked up and was like, oh (expletive), he’s on his back.  So I jumped on him and started punching that cat,” said Mitrione.  “I remember looking up and going, oh (expletive), I’m about to jump on him.  And that was what it was.”

Mitrione made his Bellator MMA debut in June 2016 and has put together a three-fight winning streak, all by knockout. 

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