by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Matt “The Law” Lindland has fought most of his career as a middleweight, but has recently been moving up in weight class competing as a light heavyweight and a heavyweight.

With a 19-3 record as a middleweight, Lindland is a former #1 ranked middleweight in the world. As a light heavyweight he is 1-1, defeating Mike Van Arsdale and losing an extremely close split decision to current UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the defunct World Fighting Alliance. Lindland took on his greatest challenge to date in his last outing in a losing effort to the #1 heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, in BodogFight.

After bouncing around weight classes, Lindland will make his return to the middleweight division in his next fight. “Since that fight [with Fedor Emelianenko], since I have to fight not only my opponent, but I have to fight the referee in the same match, what we decided to do was go ahead and fight 185 pound guys. You know, since the referee is fighting against me in the ring anyways, we’ll just times their weight and it will equal heavyweight, and I’ll go ahead and fight [Trevor] Prangley for the [Bodog] title,” Lindland told MMAWeekly.

“The Law” called out Prangley following Trevor’s acquisition of the Bodog middleweight belt over the weekend by defeating Yuki Kondo. It appears that Lindland’s stint as a light heavyweight and heavyweight has played it’s course and he’ll be returning to he middleweight class that he saw so much success in.

“That’s the way it’s looking right now,” said Lindland, but he didn’t rule out fighting in other weight classes in the future. He added, “It really depends on circumstances and whatever. Honestly, I would fight in heavyweight. I’d fight in 205. It’s a matter of just getting in the ring because the only time I get paychecks is when I step in the ring, so I don’t really care what weight class it is just as long as I get to get inside the ropes.”

No one can question whether Lindland would be willing to fight above his natural weight class. He took on the #1 heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, in Russia, but his immediate future is back at 185 pounds.